Temporary Fencing, Supply & Installation Services by Site Fencing Services in Bradford, Yorkshire

At Site Fencing Services, we provide temporary fencing solutions including barrier fencing for all your site security which are manufactured in Bradford and across the UK. 

Quality Temporary Fencing for Yorkshire Construction Firms

You need to prioritise safety above all else when managing a building site, but you also can’t neglect security. Unfortunately, vandalism and theft are always threats in Leeds, Bradford and all other areas of Yorkshire, and the last thing you want to do is allow criminals to compromise your operations. Fortunately, our temporary fencing can bolster your site’s safety and security, and you won’t find a more cost-effective provider than us.

Here at Site Fencing Services, we supply residential and commercial customers in Yorkshire with quality, durable and simple-to-use temporary fencing. From basic fence panels to anti-climb fencing in Leeds and Bradford, we can cater to any requirement, and all our solutions are available to buy or rent.

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Temporary Fencing supply and installation

Our temporary fencing products include round top anti-climb mesh fence panels, fence panels with braces and other accessories. The most commonly used are the round top anti-climb security fence panels for your temporary security arrangements. You can easily assemble them on-site or get it done by our CSCS accredited team. All panels come with a rubber foot and clip for joining two panels together.

The anti-climb mesh is an excellent deterrent to vandals and thieves and meets all the health and safety requirements for site security. These fencing solutions are ideal for sites or compounds to protect plant and machinery. The size of these fence panels can be made to order as per your needs. Talk to our team for more details.

Benefits of using such Safety Barriers 

Chapter 8 barriers offer many benefits but also, and most importantly, they keep you on the right side of regulations and the law. 
  • They can be connected so they can fit a wide range of sizes, offering a multitude of solutions 
  • They are foldable and collapsible making them easy to store and transport 
  • They’re strong and sturdy 
  • Durable so can withstand all external elements as well as people leaning on them, etc. 
  • They’re lightweight, making them easy to move and reposition if needed 
  • Interlocking – all plastic chapter 8 barriers offer secure, standard interlocking systems, either through a pin or clip attachment 
  • They’re visible. This is an important element, primarily as these barriers protect people from dangers. With visible strips and the plastic coating being in an illuminous colour, these barriers are designed to be seen in adverse weather conditions as well as at night. 

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    Temporary Fencing Products We Supply: Fence Panels, Fencing Accessories and More.

    Temporary fencing products we supply include:

    • Fence panels
    • Fence panels with backstays
    • Bespoke fencing arrangement
    • Fencing accessories and more
    High Quality Metal Fencing for Event Security

    High quality metal fencing for event security

    Secure events and gatherings you host with a range of pedestrian barriersgates and hoardings. We provide effective crowd control barrier fencing solutions at affordable prices. Contact us for a free quote today!

    Temporary fencing

    Round Top anti-climb Security Fence Panels are an ideal temporary security solution. They are easily assembled on-site either by yourselves or our experienced installation team, all of which are CSCS accredited. All panels come complete with a rubber foot and clip for joining each panel together, ideal for sites or internal compounds to protect plant and machinery. The anti-climb mesh is an excellent deterrent to vandals and thieves and meets all the health and safety requirements for site security. See our accessories for various add ons to the panels.

    Length: 3.5m per section

    Height: 2.0m

    Bespoke sizes can be made on request

    Temporary fence with Backstays

    With stability and durability guaranteed, backstays are a practical way of steadying any temporary fencing solution.

    They are used to support fencing systems erected on slopes, uneven ground, high ground (or areas susceptible to strong winds), and even those placed near to pedestrian traffic.

    Backstays are positioned at an angle away from the panel and can be secured further by the use of ground pins (check out our fence accessories page to find out more).

    We highly recommend the use of backstays as they offer greater stability and security, making removing temporary fencing more difficult, especially if used alongside our anti-tamper and theft devices.

    Bespoke temporary fencing

    These panels are a bespoke size 1.75m in length and 2.0m high. (Basically half the length of a normal size panel)

    We manufacture the panels and have all accessories to go with them such as blocks, clips, backstays, pedestrian gates, vehicle gates etc.

    This panel will suit any short based transit as they easily fit in. Easy to carry, fasten together as standard but makes a stronger panel.

    Ideal for internal refurbishments. Gates can be inbuilt to this size if required. Other sizes are available on request.

    What SFS Can Do for You

    Our temporary fencing in Leeds and Bradford can be used to prevent intruders from accessing your site as well as visitors from entering restricted areas. Additionally, they can control the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic as well as mark out boundaries to help your employees work efficiently.

    Our range of temporary fencing for hire in Bradford and Leeds includes:

    • Fence panels
    • Fence panels with backstays
    • Bespoke fencing arrangement
    • Fencing accessories and more

    In addition to providing temporary fencing solutions to Yorkshire construction firms, we can also tailor-make bespoke solutions for event planners and residential customers. You can either assemble and install our temporary fencing on-site or allow our CSCS accredited team to do it for you.
    Whether you need anti-climb temporary fencing in Bradford to deter thieves and vandals or mobile hoardings to control the flow of people at your next big event, we can help you, and we’re committed to remaining the best value provider in the Yorkshire area.

    Temporary fencing and barrier fencing products for your property.
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    Learn More about Temporary Fencing in Leeds and Bradford

    If you’re interested in learning more about our broad range of high-quality temporary fencing for hire in Leeds and Bradford, then we welcome you to contact us with any questions. Alternatively, keep browsing our website to learn more about our capabilities,
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    At Site Fencing Services, we will always go above and beyond to find a fencing solution to meet your every need. 

    We work with only the best when it comes to providing temporary fencing or permanent fencing services, depending on what your requirements are. Everything from construction fencing, event fencing and hoardings, we work with both commercial and domestic customers
    throughout Bradford and the wider Yorkshire area. 

    Best in brand

    The fencing we supply provides us with the highest quality, maximum safety solution. We’re about increasing your productivity and supporting you when it comes to providing an all rounded service.

    We can also supply and install all temporary fencing, with our professional and expert team on hand, all fully trained and who you can trust 100%.

    What’s more, all of our fencing solutions comply with industry regulations and standards.

    When it comes to our fencing, we can offer temporary solutions where you can rent from us the fencing solution that you need. Depending on the type of event, the size of the event, and how long you need the fencing for, we can offer something for everyone.

    Of course, if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, we can also provide fencing that is available to purchase too – call one of our friendly team on 01274 833 396, who’d be happy to help!

    Temporary Fencing 

    Our team at Site Fencing Services has years of experience when it comes to supplying and fitting a wide range of temporary fencing. From anti-climb fencing to easy to stack and transport, to heavy-duty anti-climb fence panels (which are more durable than standard fence panels) to heavy-duty round top anti-climb fencing panels (with rounded and reinforced corners these are by far the strongest in the range) – we have experience in it all!

    We also supply pedestrian gates and vehicle gates. Within our fencing range, you can also opt for a pedestrian gate, which is ideal for construction sites, they are available in mesh or solid metal, and they’re compatible with fencing and hoarding.

    A vehicle gate is another option which comes in a range of sizes, and again is available in mesh or solid metal, and they are compatible with fencing and hoarding.

    Why choose our Fencing?

    We use one of the most established fencing brands to help to secure your property and construction sites. Keeping your sites secure from unwanted trespassers as well as helping to keep the public safe.

    It is also lightweight, quick and easy to install. Braces and ballast are available to make it more secure. What’s more, our fully qualified professional team can supply and fit the fencing for both domestic and commercial customers, and our customers return to us on a regular basis because of the exemplary service we provide.

    With an efficient team on hand, we can provide you with the right advice and answer your questions in full – we’re committed to finding the most versatile system for you.

    Points to take into consideration

    We only use the best temporary fencing solutions on the market and manufacture all our own products to industry standards.

    With fencing ranges including:


    • Crowd barriers
    • Temporary mesh fencing
    • Event fencing
    • Hoarding

    Entrance Control

    • Bi-fold/vehicle gates
    • Pedestrian gates
    • Barriers
    • Hinged gates
    • Internal gates

    When it comes to assembling fencing, the top brands have clear cut instructions and, we can fit the fencing for you or, it can be installed by your own team. You will also receive information on the correct use of struts and anti-lift devices – again, all dependent on your requirements. 

    As well as following the instructions provided, it’s also important to take into consideration safety, the type of fencing you need, coupling (connections), the foundation in which you will be placing your fencing system, do you require any gates? It’s also worth considering storage and if this will be required and for how long etc. As well as transport – how do you plan on moving them from different areas and do you need a specialist team to help – a specialist team like Site Fencing Services.

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