Chapter 8 Barriers

Chapter 8 barriers sound more complex and intriguing quite possibly than what they are. As ultimately, these pieces of equipment are brightly coloured traffic barriers outlined in the Traffic Signs Manual and the New Roads and Street Works Act, which protect pedestrians and road users from dangers in the road.  

Offering complete versatility, these temporary road safety barriers are widely used for traffic and pedestrians when it comes to controlling and providing a warning.

Their plastic construction means that they don’t dent easily; they don’t suffer from rust, and paint doesn’t fade! 
What’s more, Site Fencing offers a range of Chapter 8 Barriers all at competitive prices. 
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    The uses of Barrier 8 Fencing 

    Due to its flexible and durable nature barrier, 8 fencing is widely used for a variety of reasons.   

    For example: 
    • Areas under maintenance, keeping those who shouldn’t have access out. 
    • Road works, guiding pedestrians away from hazards and keeping workers safe. 
    • Construction sites and the different areas where risks might arise. 
    • Events, where they can be used to guide people around, helping with crowd control. 
    • Areas where you need to surround the area around open trenches or open manholes to avoid accident or injury. 
    Ultimately, these systems keep people out of unwanted and often dangerous areas. 

    Benefits of using such Safety Barriers 

    Chapter 8 barriers offer many benefits but also, and most importantly, they keep you on the right side of regulations and the law. 
    • They can be connected so they can fit a wide range of sizes, offering a multitude of solutions 
    • They are foldable and collapsible making them easy to store and transport 
    • They’re strong and sturdy 
    • Durable so can withstand all external elements as well as people leaning on them, etc. 
    • They’re lightweight, making them easy to move and reposition if needed 
    • Interlocking – all plastic chapter 8 barriers offer secure, standard interlocking systems, either through a pin or clip attachment 
    • They’re visible. This is an important element, primarily as these barriers protect people from dangers. With visible strips and the plastic coating being in an illuminous colour, these barriers are designed to be seen in adverse weather conditions as well as at night. 

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      Who uses Chapter 8 barriers?

      Safety barriers and road safety barriers are used by several sectors and industry-specific trades due to the number of uses these temporary solutions can offer.

      For example, electrical contractors might choose to use them to stop people from accessing areas where wires are on show or hanging from ceilings, etc. Cleaners may decide to use them to surround spillages to prevent accidents from happening, or to block off aisles in supermarkets if a clean-up is required.

      Barriers can also be used by maintenance workers, who may be repairing water pipes in residential streets, to surround manhole covers they have opened or holes and trenches that could cause serious injury if someone was to fall.

      They’re also very often used on public highways or indeed around road works as it is required by law that any company carrying out such work, must always use Chapter 8 compliant items.

      City Councils, event planners, traffic management companies, civil engineers, building contractors and more, are all known to make use of Chapter 8 barrier hire.

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      Note: You won’t require Chapter 8 compliant items on off-road use on private land, marking out parking spots at events, or when using barriers inside – however other more suitable options are available.

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      Why choose Chapter 8 from Site Fencing?

      Apart from our years of experience providing temporary fencing solutions, we’re also extremely big on customer service!

      At Site Fencing, we take the time to listen to our customers and find out more about their requirements, as well as any restrictions and most importantly, time scales! We work around the clock with delivery drivers always out on the road, so we’re confident we can help you in any situation.

      We’re also confident we have the fencing solution that’s right for you. With not only a wide selection to choose from, but we also have the volume too – meaning no matter the size of your project or how many barriers are currently out there for delivery, we’ll still have the availability to provide you with the perfect outcome.

      We know there are specific types of safety barriers which are required to meet certain regulations, making them safe for road use and provide protection for pedestrians as well as workers. That’s why we offer a wide range, from road safety barriers to water-filled barriers, plastic traffic barriers to plastic barriers for fencing, all at extremely competitive prices.

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      Types of Barrier

      As a safety feature that most roadworks can’t be without, there are several different types of safety and road barriers to choose from:

      • Road Barrier
      • Rota block mini
      • Gate Barrier
      • Strong wall Barrier
      • Blue Chapter 8 Barrier
      • Firmus Barrier
      • Titan Barrier
      • Vision Barrier
      • Safe Gate Barrier
      • And more!

      If you’re also looking for a more semi-permanent solution, when it comes to road delineation and separation, water-filled traffic barriers can offer a great alternative. Durable and wind resistant, they are considered semi-permanent due to their weight once filled with water.

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      Types of Barrier

      These simple, yet effective in their design, barrier systems, help you to abide by set regulations and law as well as comply with Health and Safety requirements and public safety.

      These barriers should be considered:

      • The go-to solution for temporary road closures
      • Visible pieces of construction for warning purposes
      • Durable and robust with quality as standard
      • Non-permanent fixings


      • Reflective panels in a choice of colours
      • Anti-trip feet or standard features
      • Hardwearing fencing, completely reusable
      • Lightweight in design with a concertina approach, these fences are easily folded
      • away and stackable!

      Offering the ideal solution to those working in event management, looking after crowd control, and helping to make companies compliant with Chapter 8 Street works.

      They can also be used with contractor information boards and warning signs where necessary, and where appropriate.

      Chapter 8 traffic management systems are simple and cost-effective health and safety procedure, which should be implemented in a variety of situations. 

      Available for delivery throughout the UK, if you’re looking for Chapter 8 barrier hire, then Site Fencing is on hand to provide you with what you need when you need it.