COVID-19 Social Distance Safety Barriers 

Safety barriers and pedestrian barriers have never been so popular or so important in 2020! 

Helping to support businesses follow national guidance, safety barriers work to help retailers, schools, factories, warehouses, offices, and more manage social distancing. To control queuing safely and securely and to create the functional entry and exit systems now required. 

The good news is our pedestrian barriers, and Chapter 8 barriers are available to hire and available for sale, making them extremely flexible in meeting your ongoing requirements.  

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Why you need COVID-19 Safety Barriers 

  • To help segregate areas clearly  
  • To manage queuing systems safely 
  • For demarcation 
  • To avoid accidents 
  • To mitigate risk 
  • To restrict passage 
  • To control circuits 
  • To meet all government guidelines responsibly and effectively. 

Installing effective barrier systems from a professional company and team means you can have peace of mind that your customers, employees, the public, and yourself are always kept safe.   

The biggest benefit, however,…they also allow you to comply with COVID-19 secure guidelines. 

Benefits of COVID secure barriers 

  • Their interlocking features mean when connected; these fences are robust and sturdy
  • They help to control queuing more systematically and safely
  • They help businesses manage social distancing easier
  • They’re lightweight, so they can easily be moved and transported
  • They’re stackable to help with storage (great for factories and warehouses)
  • Can be powder coated to match your business colours and brand
  • Chapter 8 barriers offer an extremely versatile barrier, and they;
    • Can be used for traffic and pedestrian management
    • Offer high visibility
    • Don’t rust, making them great if required outdoors
    • Conform with traffic and street works safety standards
    • Are ideal for safety and pedestrian control
    • Are easy to store and transport
    • Are strong, sturdy, and durable

With Site Fencing, you have the choice when it comes to the type and the amount of pedestrian fencing you require.

We can offer it all from standard to anti trip feet, linking systems that come as pin systems or plastic clips.

We’re also competitively priced, offering flexible terms, and we’re a super friendly team to work with too!

Suitable places for COVID-19 Barriers 

COVID secure barriers are ideal for: 

  • Construction/building sites 
  • Schools 
  • Hospitals 
  • Factories 
  • Warehouses 
  • Offices 
  • Business Parks 
  • Car Parks 
  • Shopping Centres 
  • Retail Units 
  • And more! 

Hiring fencing that ticks all the boxes, supporting all COVID social distancing measures, keeping everyone separate, organised, and safe is at the top of everyone’s agenda.  

At Site Fencing, we want to help.  

Call our team to find out how we can help you be COVID ready in no time. 

Types of COVID-19 barriers 

Temporary Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers

high-value, durable, reliable, crowd control barriers that keep you on the right side of social distancing measures.  Preventing accidents, accessing restricted areas, and maintaining queues in an orderly manner, pedestrian barriers are incredibly high value and the ideal solution for business. 

Crowd Control Barriers - Galvanised Fixed Leg Pedestrian

Powder Coated Pedestrian Barriers

free standing these fencing types are ideal for effective crowd control. Powder-coated to any colour you choose, you can also use these barriers in all weather conditions.


Chapter 8 Barriers 

bright in colour, these barriers are great when you need to protect pedestrians and road, traffic users. Manufactured in plastic, Chapter 8 barriers don’t rust, and the paint doesn’t fade! Flexible, durable, and lightweight, these barrier systems are ideal for construction sites or surrounding road works.