Pedestrian Barriers and Crowd Control Barriers in Leeds and Bradford, Yorkshire

If you need the supply and installation of reliable pedestrian barriers, crowd barriers, security fence, and temporary barriers get in touch with us at Site Fencing Services in Bradford, West Yorkshire, covering across the UK.

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High-Value, Durable Control Barriers and Security Fence in Yorkshire

Organising and running event can be challenging for all sorts of reasons, but you’ll likely need a form of crowd control to prevent accidents, stop people from accessing restricted areas and keep queues orderly. Fortunately, crowd control barriers in Leeds and Bradford can achieve all those goals, and they’re incredibly high value if you find a reliable supplier. If you need a provider of crowd safety barriers in Leeds, Bradford or anywhere else in Yorkshire, we’re the company to contact.

At Site Fencing Services, we supply bespoke crowd control solutions for all businesses holding events in Yorkshire, and we have different colours to choose from so that our barriers can complement your branding. Learn more about our high-quality crowd safety barriers in Yorkshire by calling us today.

Effective management of visitors at events and gatherings

Do you have an upcoming event? Are you looking for an effective crowd control setup? At Site Fencing Services, we provide you with a wide range of fences and barriers for effective crowd control at your event anywhere in the UK. The free-standing barriers we supply have fixed feet and are easy to install. These can be used to prevent any accidents or pedestrian movement at the event location. Our barrier fencing has double hooks and eyes for easy linkage. The barriers are usually used in public events and construction sites. We can provide these barriers and fences to you for purchase and/or rental.

These pedestrian barriers can be used in any weather condition, as they are galvanised, as well as powder coated with the colour of your choice. Anti-trip feet are optional and barriers can be manufactured to your requirements. For more details on our services, talk to our team or use the form below to send us your requirements.

Our range of pedestrian barriers includes:

  • Powder coated safety barriers
  • Galvanised fixed leg barriers
  • Safety entrance/exit barriers with gates
  • Optional anti-trip legs for barriers
  • Bespoke sized barriers and paint colour

Fencing accessories

To keep the gates, hoarding, barriers and fences intact, we provide you with optional extras along with the temporary fencing equipment. For more information on our fence accessory range, get in touch with our experts. 

Temporary Pedestrian Barriers

Temporary Fencing

Can be any colour from the Ral Chart

Crowd Control Barriers - Galvanised Fixed Leg Pedestrian

Galvanised Fixed Leg Pedestrian Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control Barrier 2.3m x 1.1m Fixed leg Galvanised

Crowd Control Barriers - Galvanised Fixed Leg Pedestrian 2.3 M x 1.1

Galvanised Fixed Leg Barrier 2.3m x 1.1

Crowd control Barrier 2.3m x 1.1m Fixed leg Galvanised

Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers

Powder Coated Pedestrian Safety Barriers and Crowd Control Barriers

Powder Coated Pedestrian Barriers

Can be any colour from the Ral Chart

Temporary hoardings and gates for added security to your site or property. Call Site Fencing Services in Bradford, and the UK

Learn More about our Temporary Security Gates in Yorkshire

Here at Site Fencing Services, we’ve been providing customers in Yorkshire with the most durable, easy-to-install and reliable security gates for years, and we aim to exceed expectations with every project we undertake. Even though we offer cheap security gates in Leeds and Bradford, we never compromise on quality to keep our prices low. Learn more about our metal security gates in Yorkshire

Cost-Effective, temporary crowd control barriers 

Pedestrian barriers from Site Fencing not only offer you a great solution to managing crowd control and keeping people out of potentially unsafe areas, but our barriers are also: 

Easy to use and of the highest quality – making them a safe choice for public and workplace safety and security. 

Affordable – we keep our prices competitive, working with our customers, always. 

Made to last – our pedestrian barriers are strong and durable, meeting all industry standards. 

Easy to store, stack, and manoeuvre – making them a flexible and adaptable option. 

Link together – helping to create an extended chain that ensures no one can slide through at any stage. 

Designed for all situations – for example, we offer different sizes in our metal barriers, they can come with fixed legs and feet to provide you with a more stable fencing system, and they are rust-resistant. 

Recyclable – all of our barriers and fences, when they reach the end of their life, can be easily and appropriately recycled. 

We deliver nationwide, providing expert advice and the most competitive quotes around. 

Keeping Everyone Safe 

Crowd control barriers ultimately help to calm the flow of pedestrian traffic and keep pedestrians out of harm’s way. 

Reasons to use this particular type of temporary fencing is because it allows you to: 

  • Create safe areas while managing the overall flow of pedestrians. 
  • Manage queues. Keeping everything and everyone in order and helping to stop queue jumping. 
  • Support checkpoints. Helping with security at events and for checking tickets etc. upon arrival. 
  • Create perimeters – around specific equipment or works being carried out and even supporting race events by helping to keep pedestrians at bay as runners stride past. 

At Site Fencing, we stock different types of pedestrian barriers: metal, plastic, fixed legs, and loose legs. 

Check out our full range online. 

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