Why You Should Hire Crowd Control Barriers for Your Next Event

Why You Should Hire Crowd Control Barriers for Your Next EventAre you planning a large event in the upcoming months? Now that restrictions in the UK have started to relax, many event organisers are excited about getting back to work and welcoming large crowds to their events and festivals. If you are planning an event this year, hiring crowd control barriers should be one of your top considerations to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Crowd control barriers ensure that there’s good traffic flow and everyone is safe throughout the event. Keep reading to learn about hiring crowd control barriers and the benefits of these for your event.

What are Crowd Control Barriers? 

Crowd control fencing is a way of creating a temporary path or route for an event, and it can help you to manage crowds and avoid accidents. On top of creating a path through your event, a plastic barrier solution can be used to create a VIP area or separate your event into smaller subsections. This is a great option for anyone who is planning a festival and may have various areas operating at one time. Regardless of the shape and size of your event, you’ll find that hiring crowd barriers is the first step to enjoying a more organised event. Outdoor festivals, sporting events, rallies, and parades can all benefit from these. However, with the challenges of the past year, bars and restaurants are also relying on these more and more to avoid incidents from occurring.

What Type of Event Needs Crowd Control Barriers? 

Almost any event will benefit from a crowd control plan, especially events where entry and exit areas need to be managed. If you are selling tickets for your upcoming event, you don’t want just anyone to be able to enter, which is where crowd barriers come in handy. Alongside a team of professional security staff, you’ll be able to create a safe and welcoming first impression on your guests. A big concern in the past year has been capacity control, and you’ll need to ensure you only allow the number of people into your event that is allowed for the size of the venue.

When you are mixing cars and people at an event, it’s important to control the traffic flow. Plastic barriers will ensure that people don’t walk into areas that are heavily populated by vehicles and which could be a huge danger. On top of that, you’ll find that crowded barriers can be used to make clear walkways. You won’t have to worry about people getting lost when they are trying to find the toilets or a stage, and they’ll enjoy how easy it is to get around our venue. Finally, every good event will have a full health and safety plan in place, and crowd control barriers play a huge part in this plan.

What Type of Crowd Control Fencing Should You Use? 

We understand that no two events are exactly the same, and for that reason, you will want to find a solution that fits your needs when it comes to choosing a crowd barrier system. You’ll find steel and plastic barrier options on offer, and these can easily connect with each other to create a long pathway. It’s important to ensure that whatever type of material you choose, it’s sturdy enough to withstand any potential force that it may receive during an event. You’ll also want to find barriers that can’t easily be removed or climbed over, as we all know how wild some events can get.

The complexity of your crowd control barrier system will vary depending on your needs, and you might just opt for a basic plastic barrier. If you need to showcase your event’s branding or posters, café barriers are a good idea, as you can create a more aesthetically pleasing first impression for your home. You’ll likely be familiar with stanchions, which are used in many theatres and restaurants, and they can help you to control the line at the start of the event. The great thing about these barriers is that you can quickly move them once the queue has finished, so you’ll create more space in your venue.

For larger events, consider pedestrian barriers, which will ensure that your guests can walk from one venue to another safely. Steel fencing barriers could create a perimeter for your event and are a safe solution for bigger events or high traffic areas. These are the most secure type of fencing on the market today and will reduce the chance of an accident or injury occurring.

For more information about crowd control barriers and to start planning your next event, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best solution to help you plan a safe and secure event for your staff and attendees.