What can temporary fencing offer you?

What can temporary fencing offer youQuite often, when we think about temporary fencing, you’ll often picture secure fencing around construction sites or large building sites – and yes, typically, this is primarily where this type of temporary site security fencing is used the most. 

However, temporary fencing can be used in a range of places for multiple reasons (events and outdoor concerts, for example), due to the benefits that this type of fencing solution can provide. 

Temporary fencing benefits 

The team at Site Fencing knows everything there is to know about temporary fencing for sale, and most importantly for you, the advantages of such fencing solutions. 

Below, we’ve pulled together some of the main temporary fencing advantages you can gain when you opt for temporary site fencing. 

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Keeps your location secure 

Temporary fencing can be placed around your site’s perimeter, helping to keep unwanted visitors out and items and equipment on your site secure.  Acting as a rather large obstacle and a great deterrent, it helps stop people wandering around your site uninvited. 

Prevents vandalism 

With temporary mesh fencing in place, not only can taggers not spray the fencing due to the mesh design, but they also can’t get on to your site to tag any cabins or expensive equipment.  In addition, taggers also don’t like their faces to be seen, so installing suitable CCTV systems on-site might also be a worthwhile investment. 

Helps to manage crowd control 

If you’re hosting an outdoor event and expecting a large volume of people and guests to attend, then temporary site security fencing is a must.  Helping to direct traffic, as well as cordoning off certain areas, you can guide and control the flow of your guests much safer and more strategically with stable and robust fencing. 

Keeps children out of harm’s way 

Even homeowners who are having work carried out on their property are now making use of temporary fencing, especially if they have kids at home.  Temporary fencing in this capacity can also be used around pool edges, decks, and even patio areas – again, all helping to keep children away from any potential hazards. 

Supports you further at your ticketed event 

If you’re hosting a ticketed event or your event takes place over a couple of days, and things will be left overnight, securing access areas with temporary fencing is a good security solution.  Ensuring the safety of items and equipment overnight (this is also an excellent solution for building sites looking to secure expensive machinery and equipment overnight) and helping you to manage that all-important crowd control – mainly as you can limit areas, allowing you time to check people in, checking tickets and bags, without causing overcrowding and bunching of crowds. 

Can provide great advertising space 

Organisations will often pay a lot of money to advertise or hang their promotional banners on building site security fencing.  With a range of organisations now offering banner and print solutions, this can be a great way to promote your brand or indeed generate additional income for your event by opening it up as a potential sponsorship opportunity, for example. 

Helps to keep the general public safe 

All site managers and event organisers have a duty under the Health and Safety Executive, to keep the general public and passers-by safe from harm.  Temporary fencing helps you achieve this by keeping any hazards tucked away and placing appropriate signage on the fencing.  Signage is important when informing the public what is taking place and when, so they can then choose an alternative route and avoid overcrowding on the specified days. 

You can set up specific zones 

Depending on your event or even on your construction site, you can use temporary fencing to set up specific zones such as VIP areas, storage areas for expensive equipment, parking bays, etc.  You can also add in emergency exit areas if you have a high profile speaker at your event who might need to make a quick exit.  Temporary fencing in these instances also helps provide that additional layer of protection to keep everyone safe. 

At Site Fencing, we have a lot of temporary fencing solutions to meet various needs and wants. 

Our fences are robust, durable, and of very high quality, able to withstand changes in temperature and adverse weather conditions. 

For complete peace of mind, call Site Fencing and see how our temporary fencing solutions can help you today. 

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