What is a water-filled barrier?

What is water filled barrierFrom Evo road barriers to crash barriers, heavy-duty barriers, standard Rhino barriers, and more, waterfilled barriers are the perfect temporary fencing solution, offering great flexibility and perfect stability. 

Water filled barriers are plastic barriers filled with water once positioned in place.  Due to their sturdiness, they help provide a high level of security, crowd and traffic control. 

Often used on construction sites and large public events, waterfilled barriers are increasing in popularity as they offer the safety and separation required around ongoing works; helping to guide people and traffic, as well as acting as temporary roadblocks and keeping both pedestrians and workers are safe. 

Benefits of WaterFilled Barriers 

Waterfilled barriers offer a whole host of benefits and are now becoming the preferred choice against their concrete counterparts, as they are seen as the safer option.  For example, used as a roadblock or a way of guiding traffic, impact from vehicles and certainly pedestrians into waterfilled barriers can be a lot less serious than impact into a concrete barrier. 

Waterfilled Chapter 8 pedestrian barriers are also: 

  • Lightweight when empty, making them easy to stack, store and move 
  • Unique in their interlocking systems 
  • Delivered and installed to sites upon request 
  • Strong (once filled) meeting all safety requirements 
  • Guaranteed to stay put as they are fitted with anti-tamper plugs 
  • Reusable and extremely durable 

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WaterFilled Chapter 8 Fencing 

Temporary fencing solutions are unique to the individual, company, and project in which they will be supporting. 

However, with waterfilled barriers, you will receive impressive strength in design and stability, especially against impact or accidental (or on purpose) misplacement. 

Due to their design and function, if these barriers are hit, they tend not to move, due to tight interlocking mechanisms and the weight of the water-filled bases weighing them down.  But what’s also important to note is that if a pedestrian hit these, or a vehicle hits these barriers, less damage and injury is sustained as a result, due to the materials they are made out of and again due to the design and flexibility of the barriers themselves. 

You can be assured that waterfilled Chapter 8 barriers can’t be knocked out of place like others, and most certainly can’t be misaligned due to bad or extreme weather conditions. 

This greater stability against impact and movement is also supported by their large size and their bright (and appropriate) colours.  Offering maximum visual impact even at a distance. 

What Water Filled Barriers can do for you 

Ultimately waterfilled barriers allow works to take place safely.  They help to keep roads open, avoiding disruption or causing minimum disruption for everyone concerned. 

Unlike traffic cones for example, which create space/gaps, water-filled barriers interlink with each other, providing and acting as additional safety and security.  In specific industries, it is acknowledged that traffic cones provide the minimum protection, while concrete barriers are thought to offer the maximum protection but open themselves up to more severe injuries and risk of fatalities occurring if an accident were to happen. 

That’s where water-based barriers offer a great compromise.  A physical barrier, offering worker protections and reducing the risk to drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. 

They also help to enhance opportunities to move motorists away from any dangers, pointing them in the direction of set diversions as early as possible.  

As we’ve touched on, these barriers also help to protect roadside workers too.  Those who are at risk of oncoming traffic, fumes and incidentals (such as people throwing things out of windows as they pass, debris flying up and hitting workers, etc.).  The robust, interlocking mechanisms allow the fencing to be installed in straight lines or curves, depending on your requirements.  

Water-filled barriers – purpose-built, fit for safety and help to minimise risk. 

Site Fencing 

At Site Fencing reducing the number of accidents and injuries, as well as keeping everyone safe is one of our top priorities.  That’s why Site Fencing offers a choice of different types of water-filled Chapter 8 barriers, suitable for a variety of different projects and works. 

Available for long and short-term projects, we also offer some of the most competitive prices around. 

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