Tips to prevent theft on your construction site

theft prevention at construction siteUnfortunately, theft of construction sites is a big problem. 

There are expensive equipment and tools on show, as well as machinery and materials available in abundance for potential opportunists who want to try their luck. 

Of course, we can all advise that things should be locked away when not in use, to put things out of sight, etc.  

But, we’re also realists, and we know that this isn’t always possible on new sites, where builds haven’t even begun to scratch the surface, let alone have a storage shed onsite to keep equipment safe! 

So, how can you secure your site and reduce the chance of thefts from happening? 

  1. Make use of lighting. Lights and lots of them act as a significant deterrent, as let’s face it no thief wants their face to be seen!  However, depending on the size of your site, as well as your requirements from the start, will depend on how much lighting will cost you.  But, if you think about the cost of the equipment if it were to be stolen….is it worth the risk? 
  2. Track your equipment.  Ok, so this may sound a little OTT, but for some larger pieces of equipment and machinery, you will now find a lot mounted with GPS tracking devices.  These tracking devices are now suitable for machinery and valuable equipment and are certainly growing in popularity. 

Some tracking systems can also monitor usage too, and if an employee accidentally misplaces a piece of equipment (trust us it happens), with GPS it can be easily found. 

Note:  If you own the equipment or machinery outright make sure to engrave it in some way or mark it with identification numbers so that it can be easily identified as yours. 

  1. Install temporary fence panels.  Installing temporary fencing around your site helps to keep potential opportunists and vandals out.  Protecting thoseonsite, as well as tools and equipment 

With security fencing, we’d also recommend only having one entry and exit point.  This allows you to limit who can get onto the site, allowing you much more control when it comes to access. 

It’s also worth considering hiring or purchasing construction fencing that has narrower mesh and vertical wires, which means ultimately, it can’t be scaled! 

At Site Fencing, we provide temporary fence panels throughout Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond, giving site managers peace of mind and a great cost-effective security solution. 

  1. Install and make use of fence clamps and anti-lift security.  This, of course, relates to temporary fencing but using such accessories helps to increase your security, as the clamps prevent the interruption of your fencing line and the anti-lift security helps to make fences impossible to lift off the ground.
  2. Get surveillance and good signage. Signs warning intruders that the site is under surveillance can be enough for them to move on quietly.  Also, a good CCTV set up will allow you to view your entire site and see potential thieves in action!  

There’s also the added benefit that CCTV can make employees and those working onsite feel much safer too. 

  1. Plan your deliveries. No one wants things being delivered and left on site when no one is around to sign for it or indeed secure it.  Making sure that all of your deliveries are scheduled, means you can organise personnel to be there too, securing the delivery and moving it to the right spot. 
  2. Keep power cables out of sight. Power cables should be buried out of sight to avoid them being cut or damaged, allowing intruders to gain access without being caught on CCTV! 
  3. Don’t put valuables in plain sight and within easy reach. This point probably goes without saying, but it’s always a good one to remember.  Storing items in sheds or containers is a great solution, however, if this isn’t possible, you could look to build a pen using temporary fencing, securing everything in place and it is completely flexible in terms of size and position. 

Above are just a few of our tips and hints to support you in keeping your construction site secure.  If you have any further hints or solutions, we’d love you to share them in the comments below. 

If you’re considering upping your security by using construction fence panels, then Site Fencing in Leeds can certainly help! 

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