Fences for all occasions

Fences for all occasionsThe different seasons of the year bring with them a range of various outdoor events and activities. 

Everything from festivals to running races, garden parties, and more! 

Planning of such events, of course, happens weeks, if not months before the official “go live” date, and as such, making sure all your temporary fencing requirements are scheduled in is key. 

Helping to outline and set parameters, manage crowd control, as well as keep your guests safe, trust us, temporary fencing is a significant item on the planning agenda. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the best temporary fencing for spring events and just what they can offer. 

It’s all in the planning. 

Spring and summer in Leeds mean festivals, carnivals, outdoor concerts, sporting events, craft shows, flower shows, and more! 

So, planning for your event as soon as possible is essential.  Securing your grounds and, most importantly, ensuring you have all of your fencing requirements booked in! 

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Fencing at sporting events and festivals 

If we think about spring and summer sporting events, plastic fencing will be the first choice for cordoning off areas and guide runners, for example, through streets and the town of Leeds with ease. 

From here. You might then like to consider mesh and panel fencing around finish lines, offering opportunities for signs to be put up by sponsors, local businesses, etc.  You can also use this type of fencing to mark out specific areas, such as beer tents, VIP areas, and more. 

With panel fencing available in 6` or 8` heights, you have the option on which type of fencing is best suited to your event.  This type of security fencing also offers you a high level of flexibility without compromising on security. 

We then move on to crowd control barricades.  This type of fencing can be used around the entire perimeter of the event with controllable entrance and exit ways to help increase security and for you as an event organiser to remain in control.  In these instances, you can also manage ticketed events much better, carry out bag checks, take care of gate crashers, etc. 

Chain link panel fencing is recommended if you are operating a gated entranceway.  Helping you to manage crowds and stay in control of your responsibilities. 

Anti-climb fencing is also a possibility at festivals, and outdoor concerts to deter gate crashers as well as create a fence that is more durable and robust against the external elements.  You can also opt for a range of fence spikes and toppings added to anti-climb fencing to offer increased security.  From top curved pales to barbed top wire fencing, a professional fencing company like Site Fencing can offer you a range of options. 

An area for consideration is that of tree fences.  Tree fencing can form part of local council guidelines and requirements as part of gaining permission for your event to go ahead. 

Tree protection fences do what they say they will – they protect the trees in the area that your event will be taking place.  Tree protection fencing helps to preserve the local wildlife as well as meet all fencing standards, causing no damage, crushing of roots, the possibility of spillages, etc. 

If your scheduled event is due to take place in the evening, you will also need to consider temporary lighting as part of your event planning.  Generator-powered floodlights will help to keep your guests safe, preventing trips and falls and potential accidents from happening. 

Signage and pathways should be well illuminated at all times and free from obstruction. 

Safety First 

At all of these outdoor events, pedestrian safety and parking need to be carefully considered.  

Often at outdoor events, parking is reasonably flexible; however, there must still be some guidance to avoid total chaos. 

Help to protect pedestrians walking around moving vehicles with orange mesh fencing, creating rows for cars to park, and matched with pedestrian barricades you can also mark out clear and safe passages to walk through. 

At Site Fencing, we can provide a range of temporary fencing solutions, including panels, crowd control barricades, water-filled temporary fencing, and more. 

To make sure your event runs smoothly, speak to the team at Site Fencing on 01274 833 396 or click here for more info. 

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