Making sure your temporary fence panels comply with British Standards

British Standard Compliant - Temporary fence panelsTemporary fence panels are the primary type of fencing used around construction sites as well as large events.  Flexible, stable, durable, robust, and more, temporary fencing can offer a high level of security and keep the flow of traffic moving. 

However, temporary fencing can also cause problems.  

For example, if the fencing structure falls, tilts slightly, or the construction of the fence panels has not been secured appropriately, you and others can be at risk of accidents and injury.  

It can also leave sites more vulnerable to theft and people walking and coming onto a site without permission. 

To help support those using temporary fencing, as well as the public at large, you will now find British Standards for free-standing fencing. 

In this post, we look at what these British Standards are and also what they mean for those who use temporary fencing regularly. 

British Standard 

British Standards relate to specific guidelines which have been produced by the UK National Standards Body. 

For temporary fencing, this relates to version 1722-18:2011, free-standing temporary steel mesh construction fence panels.  

Covering all safety aspects within the construction industry relating to the application of panels as well as the manufacturing, the standard aim is to increase security on sites, ensuring that no inferior materials are used when constructing the temporary fences.  

This includes detailing what panels should look like, what they should be made of, how they should be installed etc. 

The comprehensive guide provides construction companies with an outline and a base for creating a safe environment for both their employees and teams as well as the general public and passers-by. 

The guidelines also cover areas to consider when buying or renting temporary fencing. 

Taking the right safety measures 

We have to point out that for all the British Standards are highly respected and taken extremely seriously; they aren’t legislation. 

It is up to you if you follow the guidelines or not.  However, the consequences and cost to you and your business/project of not following the guidelines could be disastrous. 


Because following these guidelines means you have considered everyone’s safety.  You have minimised the risk of accidents from occurring, and if an accident does happen and the authorities investigate, you can confidently say that you have followed safety guidelines, avoiding a negative influence on the outcome of their investigation and further action taken. 

Fences that comply 

Using and working with fence panels in Leeds provided by Site Fencing, can not only give you peace of mind that the fences are manufactured and constructed to a high standard, but that they also abide and meet all British Standards. 

Helping to keep your site or event safe. 

Being able to secure your location properly means you and your employees can have peace of mind that tools and equipment left on site are secure; and it reduces the chances of vandals from entering the site and causing damage and destruction, which not only holds your project up, but it is also more costly for you to put right! 

It’s not always about opting for the cheaper temporary fencing solution.  It’s about choosing the one that is going to provide you with the best levels of security and the highest levels of safety, all conforming to British Standards. 

The fence panels provided by Site Fencing in Leeds are also made of high-quality materials and come with block weights and stabilising accessories to make the fence completely stable and secure. 

Consequences of using fences that don’t comply 

Construction fence panels come in different shapes, sizes and materials.  Depending on your requirements and also working with the British Standards guidelines will help you make the most informed decision. 

Opting for a panel which isn’t fabricated in accordance with the guidelines, puts you and your site at higher risk of hazards occurring. 

For example, if panels aren’t installed properly or appropriately anchored, changes in weather such as high winds, can cause chaos.  Not only falling onto the site itself but if they were to fall onto the roadside or pedestrian walkways, it could cause serious injury to employees and the general public. 

It’s not all about falling fences either.  Fence panels that aren’t fabricated in accordance with British Standards can cause injury and harm to those who install and handle them.  Fences are easily damaged, wires or boxes can be broken easily, causing you a health and safety nightmare. 

Improving safety 

To help improve levels of safety when it comes to temporary fencing, look to buy or rent fence panels in Leeds from a company you can trust.  A company who abides by British Standards and offers several solutions for all situations. 

A company like Site Fencing. 

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