Take care of your barrier jackets!

Take care of your barrier jackets!

Taking care of your crowd barrier jackets is essential for safety and functionality.  But most importantly it will save you money in the long run. 

The great thing about barrier scrims is that they are reusable (if well looked after); hence they have a long life span, making them very cost-effective fencing items. 

However, for all resilient, to prevent cracking and other damage, they must be appropriately handled and stored correctly. 

Below, we take a look at what a barrier jacket is, the benefits they can offer, and tips on looking after them to keep them in good condition. 

What is a crowd barricade jacket? 

A metal barricade that is dressed in a vinyl jacket is what is known as a barrier jacket. 

Also known as covers, these items are becoming increasingly popular at events and venues, helping to manage crowd control as well as acting as a great advertising and communications tool. 

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Why opt for crowd barrier covers? 

Barricade jackets are popular at sporting events and race events to help keep crowds at a distance from the sports players AND promote the event sponsors, showcase your own brand, or to promote your own team on the field. 

You can customise barrier jackets, using basic to advanced designs, structures, and dimensions, making the choice and message you want to display completely yours. 

It’s a great option when you’re looking to promote your business, placing your logo, text, and any key messages anywhere on the jacket.  Graphics can be visually appealing, helping you to deliver a professional image to your target audience.  Promoting your business’s personality in style, high-quality jackets can offer it all. 

In this sense, barrier covers can act as a billboard if you have more in-depth promotional messages to convey.  There is also the option of bleed advertising coats where your chosen image for the covers can span the jacket’s full size with no border. 

Additional coverage can be achieved on these coats when opting for a surface length hat.  These elements stretch under the buffer’s bottom body to the ground and work best with barriers that have flat bases. 

Surface jackets increase available information placement by 30%, and due to their fit, they can stop anything passing through behind the barricades. 

Depending on your requirements, extra-wide billboards are also available; however, please note that this reduces the barrier’s capability to interlock. 

How to keep your crowd barricade jacket as good as new 

  • When dismantling the jackets, roll them up and ideally inside out, protecting the printed sides. 
  • If you can’t roll the jackets, we’d advise that you drape them over a barrier or other suitable object. 
  • Avoid folding barrier scrims as this will cause creasing, which eventually will lead to cracks. 
  • If your barrier jacket has been inkjet printed, you must take more care and attention, i.e., don’t fold or scratch this type of jacket as these marks will remain on the covers permanently. 
  • Inkjet jackets should not be placed on top of each other, especially in humid storage conditions, as this style of printed cover will stick to each other. 

Change the look of your barriers with a crowd barrier jacket 

Choose from: 

Single, stable shades for barrier jackets.  These are simple, colourful, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to produce—a cosmetic solution with great benefits. 

Two-colour crowd barricade scrims.  This option allows you to match your branding, particular event, team colours, etc. perfectly. 

Jackets are attached to barriers using a hook and loop fastener, with signs also able to be mounted on a barrier jacket with fasteners. 

Note:  These signs can allow you to quickly change messaging and signage as required without the need to change the entire jacket itself. 

Another way to quickly change messaging or logos etc. is by implementing a mini wrap.  These mini wraps simply address only one part of the barrier and can be used around both covered and non-covered barriers. 

Taking the time to look after your barrier jackets now means they will be ready to use again in the future while still looking as high-quality and first-class as the day you bought them. 

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