Site Fencing for Construction Security

Site Fencing for Construction SecurityKeeping your site safe and secure is not just about protecting the equipment you have on-site, it’s also about keeping your employees and teams safe too. 

That is why construction site fencing is vitally important. 

Whether you opt for anti-climb or heavy-duty fencing, at Site Fencing, we have a range of options when it comes to security fence hire. 

Benefits of Construction Site Fencing 

  • It can be installed and erected quickly and efficiently 
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to transport and store 
  • Fences are fully galvanised, ensuring their durability and robustness 
  • They can include the all-important anti-climb mesh 
  • You also have the choice of additional extras, such as round tops to increase site security 
  • Fences can be easily stacked 
  • Fences can also be hired (with Site Fencing) for any length of time 
  • They can be an excellent cost-effective, long-term investment. 

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Making sure they are fit for purpose 

There are many different types of fencing suitable for securing construction sites.  It can all depend on what you need, the site the fence will be located, and your exact specifications/requirements. 

Specifications and the types of safety fencing we have available at Site Fencing include: 

  • A range of temporary fencing 
  • Security fencing, including roll-top and anti-climb 
  • Pedestrian Barriers 
  • Gates and Hoardings 
  • Chapter 8 Barriers 
  • Vehicle Gates 
  • Fence Accessories 

Anti-mesh is one of our most popular options.  Offering an additional layer of security, these mesh fences are renowned for providing enhanced levels of safety and protection compared to temporary fencing. 

Why use security fencing? 

Security fencing can be used to create complete barrier systems, where you can also incorporate gates and access points, allowing you to create features such as: 

  • Event fencing 
  • Better management of crowd control 
  • Construction site barriers 
  • More visible boundary controls 
  • And more! 

Security fencing ultimately offers project and site managers versatility and flexibility as fences are non-permanent, they can be installed quickly in emergencies, and they can help secure hazardous areas effectively and efficiently. 

Ultimately security fencing is required to: 

Prevent accidental intrusion – basically, it can help to stop people wandering onto sites accidentally.  Avoiding hazards and health and safety risks. 

Prevent theft – construction equipment is expensive, and you don’t want to incur costs replacing this equipment when you can put a great temporary fencing solution in place instead. 

Be covered legally – if someone has an accident on your site, and you have not taken the necessary precautions to avoid such situations from happening, you could be held legally responsible for any injuries sustained. 

most popular type of security fencing 

Heras Fencing is the most popular type of construction fencing and is widely used by Site Fencing. 

This type of fencing is great for short- and medium-term projects, as it is lightweight, easy to transport, and can provide you with a great temporary barrier system. 

Anti-climb Heras Fencing also eliminates any types of footholds, preventing intruders from gaining access, and it helps to stop pedestrians walking where they shouldn’t. 

Heavy-duty round top security fencing is also the best and most secure type of fencing you can opt for. 

Positioned and held in place with concrete blocks, this type of fencing offers much more robust solutions and is often used for more long-term projects. 

Other types of security systems and gates include: 

Access gates – used when you need to keep people out, but you also need to let people in!  At Site Fencing, we offer a variety of fencing gates suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle access.  These gates are still anti-climb and galvanised steel mesh panels; however, they also include secure and robust locking mechanisms. 

When it comes to hoarding, this comes in two types of material, timber, and steel. 

Timber hoarding is much cheaper than steel, and it can be installed into concrete to provide a more permanent structure.  Timber hoarding also uses the bracing technique, able to deal with high levels of pressure in its stride. This type of security fencing is typically found on housing developments, as these types of hoardings can also be customised as required.  (Note: anti-climb systems can also be added, as well as gate systems). 

Steel hoarding, however, is the most robust fencing used on construction and building sites.  Typically used when timber hoarding is just not an option. These hoardings provide users with a lightweight fencing option that can be easily installed.  Gate systems can also be installed with ease, along with mesh fencing, if required. This type of fencing is also compatible with water-filled barriers, making it easy to manoeuvre and heavy-duty when on site.  This hoarding style can provide a seamless perimeter around sites, obscuring work from being carried out. 

At Site fencing, our temporary construction fencing solutions help to protect sites; they are cost-effective, space-efficient systems that won’t delay work or slow projects down. 

With something to suit all construction sites and specifications, Yorkshire Site Fencing has fence panels and footing for all. 

Call us today on 01274 833 396 to find out how we can keep your sites safe and secure. 

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