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Site fencing for site buidling

Building sites have a lot of requirements placed upon them — legal requirements, health and safety requirements, the safety of workers, passers-by, residents, and more.  

Building sites also need to reduce and limit the opportunity for unwanted personnel to access sites to find solutions so that local traffic is not inconvenienced etc. 

For all security needs to be tight, you also have to provide suitable and appropriate access areas for authorised personnel and fire routes in case of emergencies. 

Luckily, with the right site fencing, you can tick many of these boxes. 

But how can you guarantee added value and full security and safety at all times? 

Building site fencing 

Fencing for building sites should be chosen after considering several factors but should always look to provide optimal safety. 

This post looks at the most important points the team at Site Fencing takes into consideration daily to ensure a safe building site all by installing the right fencing. 

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The very beginning 

At the very beginning of any site request you need to consider: 

  • Size of a building site 
  • Location of site 
  • What terrain is the site situated on? 
  • How long will the project run for? 

Knowing the basics will help to put together a bigger picture of what fencing is required and what will work given the situational analysis. 

The detail 

Once you have the basics outlined, you then need to start looking at the detail. For example, when it comes to the environment of the site, is this in a remote location, located near to a residential area, a school, etc. What types of roads surround the area? Is there vehicle access?  

What is the ground and terrain in which the site it based like? This will help determine what type of fencing will be suitable for the right terrain as well as what is suitable to withstand certain weather conditions. 

This information is vital in determining the type of fencing that is most suitable, as well as the best materials and anchoring solutions suitable for the site too. 

Building site security fencing 

Specific components must be taken into consideration when choosing the best building site fences to hire. 

These include: 

Identifying risks 

What are the greatest risks identified on your site? Are there any hazardous locations that may require additional security fencing? Where is the machinery or expensive equipment store? Does this need further protection?  

Identifying some of your most significant security risks can help to ensure that you have a robust plan to deal with any eventuality if it should occur. 

Who has access? 

Identifying authorised and unauthorised personnel is essential. Looking at who can access the site and how they gain access is essential, but identifying how to keep unauthorised personnel out and security high is vital. It’s a balancing act. Allowing work to carry on unhindered while keeping everyone both inside and outside the site is safe. Whether you provide a permanent gate, a high-end appearance gate, swing or sliding entrances, etc., there are many options for you to consider. 

What’s your safety plan? 

Fencing for building sites forms part of a much broader safety plan for construction sites. For example, this plan will help to determine whether you require barbed wire or extremely high fencing, what additional security do you need to protect critical areas on-site, and will your site be guarded 24/7? 

These specific requirements help to inform the needs of the fencing and what fencing would be suitable for the level of protection you require. 

Do you have to take into consideration noise levels? 

What machinery will be on-site, machinery that could potentially cause noise disruption to neighbouring residents and communities? Suitable site fencing hire can help to provide sound-dampening and drastically help to reduce the number of decibels.  


Ultimately, fencing plays a vital role within the safeguarding safety that is described within the Buildings Decree. 

If you’d like to ensure that your site fencing is not only safe and secure, but it also meets the legal requirements, speaks to the team at Site Fencing. 

On hand to provide building site fencing hire for a variety of different sites suitable for a variety of different requirements and a variety of different budgets. 

We all have a role to play in ensuring optimal levels of safety. 

Call us today on 01274 833 396 to find out more. 

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