Safety First with Temporary Pedestrian Fencing Barriers

Safety First with Temporary Pedestrian Fencing BarriersAn essential part of any construction or building site is that of pedestrian barriers. 

Providing excellent safety and security for passers-by, workers on site, and your work in general, protecting vital and valuable equipment and machinery at all times. 

To deter thieves and opportunists, security fences for construction sites come in a range of sizes and styles. 

From a safety aspect, these safety barriers also help keep the general public from entering potentially hazardous areas. 

However, these barriers can also be found where roadworks are being carried out, or where there are excavations in the road’s surface due to their reflective design, ensuring maximum safety. 

Ultimately, temporary pedestrian barriers are a great way to control movement and access, easily and cost-effectively. 

Lightweight and easy to assemble these barriers can be linked together to form a strong and very effective line, making them suitable for any size works which you’re carrying out. 

When these barriers are interlocked, they also provide additional stabilisation so they can’t easily topple over. 

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A safety barriers responsibility 

Safety barriers act as a warning to potential hazards found on the other side of the fence.  They also help to mark out designated and set areas for walking, standing, and even queuing. 

Due to the nature of their design, pedestrian safety barriers offer high transparency for all. 

Different types of fencing 

Guard Barriers – typically 2 metres long and reflective in their design.  This type of fence is most suitable around roadworks and open excavations. 

Due to the easy linkability of this temporary fencing, you can choose the length required to make them quick to use and a great safety solution.  Guard barriers can also be used on uneven ground, and due to their reflective nature, they are highly visible to the public. 

Mesh Barriers – also known as galvanised barriers, help to increase security on construction sites due to the small wiring (mesh) on these fence panels being difficult to scale. 

In turn, this helps prevent theft and vandalism, providing a tough security barrier, with the rubber feet and stabilisers helping to keep them all in one place.  This type of fencing is most commonly used around the perimeter of construction sites as it also helps to keep the public out of dangerous areas. 

Plastic Barriers – typically used for groundworks and roadworks, these crowd control barriers are also used at indoor and outdoor events where you need to manage the crowd and the queues!  These barriers are also 100% secure and stable and can include anti-trip feet to reduce trip hazards presented to pedestrians.  

Crowd control barriers can also include lockable connectors so they can be used to connect to other barriers too.  These barriers can also be stacked with ease, making storage, transportation, and set up….a piece of cake! 

Site Fencing has the widest range of fencing for hire or to purchase in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. 

Where high quality, safety, and security is our top priority. 

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How to choose the right safety fence for you 

To find the right fencing solution for you, you need to know everything about your project. 

For example, where is it?   Are you based in a highly-populated area, for example?  A location that requires additional security, so a different type of fencing plus additional security equipment needs to be considered. 

Are you hosting an event where you need to manage crowds, check people’s bags, tickets, etc. for security purposes and to simply manage the flow of people in and out of a particular area? 

Ultimately, the purpose of your event will help determine what type of fence will be most appropriate and suitable. 

Many of our customers find that pedestrian barriers are the most cost-effective and excellent choice for short construction or maintenance works (we would recommend HERAS fencing for larger and longer-term construction projects), as well as one of the events, or events where crowd management may be an issue. 

Benefits of pedestrian barriers 

  • Strong, durable, and extremely robust 
  • Come with metal or rubber feet so provide great stability 
  • Can’t easily topple over when interlocked 
  • Suitable for most budgets – great for smaller, short-term projects 
  • Easy to stack, transport, store 
  • Quick and easy to assemble and dismantle 
  • Highly visible and come in a range of different colours 
  • Available in a range of different types, heights, and styles. 

The Law 

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 outlines that event organisers or project managers must ensure they have put effective measures in place to keep workers, volunteers, and the general public safe. 

Which makes managing crowd control vital. 

You need to assess risks relating to crushing, moving vehicles, dangerous behaviour, objects being thrown, how to keep equipment secure, sectioning different areas off, and more. 

To help manage some of the risks mentioned above, temporary pedestrian barriers or fencing will be essential. 

Keeping sites safe 

Again, project managers do have a responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to keep the public safe at all times. 

These safety steps include fencing and barriers around the perimeter of the site to stop unauthorised access and to keep sites safe. 

Suitable information and signs should also be attached to fencing to inform the public about any potential hazards.  (This is one of the benefits of pedestrian fencing, where hanging signs from galvanised mesh fencing, in particular, is a big bonus.) 

To know the best fencing for your project, we like to think, the bigger the project, the bigger the fence! 

For example, most major construction works will require Heras fencing or hoarding, whereas smaller works can see and use all of the benefits of pedestrian safety barriers. 

Hiring temporary fencing is often the preferred choice for smaller construction works and one-off events. 

Making them more cost-effective all around. 

At Site Fencing Services, we offer some of the most cost-effective, crowd control barriers for sale, and temporary solutions throughout Leeds and Yorkshire. 

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