Safety first for your outdoor event

Safety first for your outdoor eventOutdoor events are huge during the spring and summer months. 

Everyone and we mean everyone, loves an outdoor event.  With warmer days, lighter nights, and fresh air galore, what’s not to love! 

For event planners, however, safety at outdoor events is vital. 

In this post, we’ve pulled together some of the main planning points to consider when organising the perfect outdoor event. 

Outdoor event safety tips 

Is parking available? 

Most outdoor events take place in a field or open location often in the middle of nowhere, where realistically, a well laid out car park is not always available. 

To help in these situations, we would recommend using orange mesh fencing as a temporary fencing solution. 

Creating temporary rows and bays for cars to park safely, drive the right way with clearly marked out entrances and exits. 

You can also help to clearly define walkways for pedestrians too, keeping them safe from oncoming traffic and cars trying to park. 

Security procedures for your event 

For example, how secure is your entranceway? 

What we mean by this is, is your event ticketed, do you have security personnel checking people coming in and out of the event, and if so, do you require a chain link panel fence? 

This type of fencing helps you to set up specific entry points as required, and again it can help to keep your guests safe as well as help to manage crowd control. 

Is it past dark? 

Is your event set to continue late into the evening, and as such, do you require generator-powered floodlights? These pieces of equipment help to keep your guests safe as the sun goes down. 

Keeping paths illuminated and shining a light on any obstructions that may cause an accident. 

Fencing for Corporate Events 

Temporary event fencing allows you to create and mark out different event areas.  This can be a big benefit if you’re hosting a corporate event, with different teams, or different learning zones, etc.  Allowing employees to move freely, safely, and to the correct designated area with ease. 

In these instances, you’re then able to direct and seat employees in a more structured and orderly fashion.  Successfully managing crowd control and an overall successful event. 

With a range of different types of fencing available to choose from, you will find something suitable for your set event. 

Plus, using a reputable supplier, means they will come and install your fencing, ensuring that everything is correctly erected and when your event is finished returning at a time that is convenient to you to remove all fencing in place. 

Things you need to do 

Firstly, it’s important to note; it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the guests at your event or your employees on a corporate event day. 

Therefore, you need to: 

Know your security risks and then deal with them appropriately. 

Look to create security checkpoints (areas that people must pass through before they enter your event). 

Keep your event private if it has been designed as private.  Posting about a private event across all social media is sometimes just asking for trouble and additional guests! 

Think about your emergency plan.  You need to consider how you would evacuate everyone in an emergency.  Do you have safe areas?  Where should people meet in an emergency?  How will you direct guests, and more. 

Consider increasing your security with outside help.  You can’t do anything.  Sometimes the best help you can receive is from external professional providers. 

The key to a safe outdoor event is all in the preparation. 

That and having the right event fencing hire in place to support your operation. 

Ultimately events need to be planned with precision.  Every second on a schedule counts, and you need a reliable team by your side to help you deliver. 

With this in mind, you need to consider carefully what type and style of temporary fencing you require at your event and how much you will require too! 

For a cost-effective quote on event fence rental, contact the team at Site Fencing – on hand to help make your outdoor event a successful one. 

At Site Fencing, we can help you with all of your event fencing needs, ensuring your guests and staff are safe and secure, always. 

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