Planning for The Return of Events and Festivals with Festival Fencing

Music fans across the country were thrilled with the announcement that music festivals and large events have been given the go-ahead for 2021. When planning a large event, temporary fencing is essential for the safety of all of your attendees. Today we’re going to look at how festival fencing can support you with your festivals in 2021 to offer a secure and safe environment for your employees and attendees. Click here for more information about how this solution can assist your needs this year.

The Return of Festivals in 2021

With the anticipated roadmap going to plan so far for the return to normality in the UK, individuals across the country are excited for the return of festivals in the summer months. With the vaccine roll-out going smoothly across the country, the chances of large events returning are continuing to increase. Of course, safety will still be of paramount concern this summer, so that’s where event fencing hire comes into play. These barriers can offer you increased festival security and ensure your event runs smoothly.

Event organisers across the country are eagerly planning this year’s events and securing headline acts from across the world. As well as attendee safety, they must put the health of their employees as a top priorityCrowd control with event fencing will be needed more than ever before, and finding strong and secure barriers is crucial.

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Temporary Fencing with Festivals 2021 UK

Here at Site Fencing Services, we offer temporary fencing in Bradford and the surrounding area. Metal fences are one of the strongest options for your event this summer. They are easy to put up and take down at the start and end of your event. You’ll find a wide variety of options on offer, which are all strong safety solutions for even the largest events in the area. Made from steel, our event fencing can be reused again and again and can withstand even the greatest forces. We’ll work with you to understand your needs for your festival in 2021 and to find a temporary fencing solution that works for the venue you are hiring. We can fully customise our services to fit your needs and provide you with the desired setup for your event.

Standard Fencing for Improved Festival Security

Event fencing is a great temporary solution to improve the security on any outdoor site for a few days or a few weeks as needed this summer. We offer a wide variety of different styles of fencing, all of which are ideal for festivals. Festivals can be very unpredictable in many ways, so you’ll be pleased to know that our fencing is weather-resistant. It’s also anti-climb, which means you can add it around the perimeter of your venue for increased security. We understand how wild things can get at festivals, but along with a security team, you’ll find these solutions can work together to offer you a better experience for everyone involved. As well as supplying fencing for festivals, we can assist with temporary fencing solutions for any outdoor location or a construction site.

Standard Crowd Control Barriers

To manage the number of people entering and exiting your outdoor venue, we recommend using standard crowd control barriers. These barriers are ideal for any outdoor event this summer, including sporting events and festivals. They can be used to manage queues and stop unwanted visitors from entering and exiting your venue. They are a great value for money solution for crowd control and work alongside your security team to offer a safer environment for everyone involved with the event. The fixed feet on our temporary fencing offers a stable solution that won’t be knocked over by either human force or inclement weather.

Walk-Through Barriers

To work alongside your crowd control barriers, we also offer walk-through barriers. These act as an entry and exit point for your attendees and can help to manage the number of people entering or leaving your venue at one time. They are a secure and sturdy solution for crowd control and will help your security team manage who is entering and exiting the venue at any time. Alongside these, you may also want to consider mesh fencing, which is another solution that many festival organisers use to secure their premises.

It’s an exciting time for festival and event organisers across the country, who can’t wait to welcome back their guests and headline acts from around the world. However, with the current health concerns still very much present in the mind of the public, securing your event this year is more important than ever before. By using festival fencing this summer, you can create a secured and controlled environment which will help to minimise the risk of having too large a crowd at your venue. Take the time to plan out your festival fencing well in advance of your big event to ensure you are well-prepared for the crowds that will descend on your festival this summer.

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