Top uses for Pedestrian Barriers

Top uses for Pedestrian BarriersPedestrian barriers are used for various reasons due to their flexibility, safety features, and manoeuvrability. 

That’s why a range of businesses across a variety of sectors opt to use pedestrian barriers for varying reasons. 

Businesses and sectors such as construction and building firms, event organisers, schools and colleges, military bases, police departments, and more! 

Whether these plastic barriers are required for a specific function or event or whether they’re used for everyday reasons and work commitments, these versatile barriers offer great value. 

In this post, we take a look at the different types of pedestrian safety barriers available and some of their most popular uses. 

Why opt for Pedestrian Fencing?

The goal of any temporary fencing solution is to help create a safe environment that reduces the chances of an accident. 

Pedestrian barriers ultimately control crowds in areas where traffic is present or in areas where you’re expecting large groups. 

The good news is that barrier fencing is cost-effective, semi-permanent, and portable! 

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Crowd Control Barriers

Pedestrian barriers are best thought of as crowd control barriers, where the most popular places and times you will see these ped barrier systems being for/on: 

Construction Projects

You will often find barrier fencing galore on construction sites.  Helping to keep pedestrians and passers-by safe while work is being carried out.  Fencing on sites is also used to mark out and identify specific areas within site too, as well as used to house expensive equipment stored away overnight. 

Pedestrian barrier systems are also suitable to be used alongside roadsides, while roadworks are ongoing.  Helping to guide traffic and keep workers safe. 

At Site Fencing, to coincide with this type of plastic fencing, we also offer construction barricades, galvanised barrier fence panels with optional extras, and lights to help increase security and safety on site. 

Event Support

Pedestrian barriers are a great support when it comes to crowd control.  Acting as crowd safety barriers, in these instances, you can cordon off certain areas, create VIP areas, reserve parking bays, form queues ready for security checks for people entering the event, etc. 

The fencing’s high visibility and durability are excellent for use in large spaces as, ultimately, they can be seen!  They’re also easily connected so they can be designed to suit your requirements. 

Plastic barriers are also much safer than temporary metal fencing as they’re free from rust, can’t be easily tipped over, and they don’t have the potential of sharp edges causing injury to the public. 

Marketing and Promotion

Plastic barriers can also be used to promote your business, as these fences can be customised to your requirements, and they’re available in a range of different colours. 

What’s more, you can also place your logo or business signage on the fencing, too – making it a great sponsorship area if you’re running an event, and you’re looking to entice sponsors to increase their spending. 

In this sense, these pedestrian barriers can also be used to display important information and messaging. 

For example, you could place directions on the fencing to help guide people around a university campus, or information could be placed on fencing to help inform motorists about any parking restrictions/limits in the area. 

Barriers Keep People Safe

This is the biggest reason for their use. 

Whether it’s directing traffic, keeping people out of restricted areas, warning drivers of lane changes, or keeping people out of dangerous construction sites, pedestrian barriers offer it all. 

Designed for safety and to support security at all times. 

Types of Temporary Fencing

Metal Barricades – this type of galvanised barrier is heavy-duty and is fixed using interlocking metal barricades, making it a very sturdy and robust option.  This type of fencing also comes with options; for example, do you require flat feet or bridge feet?  Do you need swing gates for set up, etc.? 

Plastic barricades – this fencing supports the management of crowd control.  These barriers are lightweight, making them easy to move from location to location, assemble, and takedown.  You can fill these barriers too, with water or sand to weigh them down further, and they’re great time savers.  Available in different colours, these barriers are also often used as advertising displays. 

Retractable barriers – these barricades come as either metal or plastic depending on your requirements, and they’re ideal for situations where you might not know the exact specifications or space.  Here you can construct the area you need by expanding the fencing using the pull levers, which are designed for quick adjustment.  Often found in factories, cleaning areas, and warehouses. 

Traffic barriers – also known as road safety barriers, help control the flow of traffic.  These barriers are used to create safety zones, making use of their reflective strips and bright orange colours. 

Site Fencing 

The team at Site Fencing has years of experience with a range of businesses across various sectors, all requiring temporary fencing. 

People return to us time and again because we have a fencing solution to meet all requirements, and the customer service we offer is second to none. 

If you’re looking for safe temporary pedestrian fencing, look no further than Site Fencing. 

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