Palisade vs Mesh Fencing – Which is the Best Option For Your Property?

Palisade vs Mesh Fencing – Which is the Best Option For Your Property

When choosing a new fencing solution for your property, you may be wondering whether to go for mesh fencing or palisade fencing. For many people, these two solutions look like they may provide similar benefits, but they both offer unique advantages to property owners. Here we are going to look at the pros and cons of both mesh fence barriers and palisade fencing to help you decide which is the most suitable solution for your commercial property this year. 

What is Palisade Fencing? 

When looking at permanent and temporary barrier solutions for your property, one of the first options that often comes up is palisade security fencing. Palisade fencing has been used on properties for more than one hundred years. It is known for its steel pales and its intimidating look, making it ideal for commercial properties that are looking to avoid intruders during the day and night. There are also high-security solutions available with palisade fencing, which are used to secure high-risk properties around the world today.

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Pros of Palisade Fencing 

There are many advantages of adding palisade fencing to your property this year. If you are looking for an event fencing solution for your venue, this is a great option for the following reasons: 

  • Poor visibility from a distance due to the thick uprights, meaning neighbours will struggle to see inside. 
  • Creates an intimidating appearance, which is ideal for properties that are particularly concerned about security. 
  • The pointed pales will discourage anyone from climbing the fence, as they can easily get caught at the top. Security tops can also be added to discourage this even further. 
  • Very easy to install on any property, as they come in individual pieces. This means the size and design of the fencing can be tailored to your needs. 
  • Can last for up to 25 years on a property when installed on a permanent basis. 

Cons of Event Palisade Fencing 

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to palisade fencing, including: 

  • Weaker fixtures, so you may want to upgrade to high load fixings. 
  • The uprights can easily be prised apart or damaged, making access to your building easier than you may expect. 
  • When installing permanent palisade fencing, the groundwork involved in adding palisade fencing to a property can be quite expensive. 
  • Many business owners don’t like the appearance of palisade fencing and find it looks unattractive and unwelcoming for visitors. 

What are Mesh Fence Barriers? 

Mesh fencing is a more modern solution, which has been around since the early 1990s. It’s often used by schools or public venues, who are looking to create a more welcoming environment for their visitors. Less steel is used in the construction of mesh fencing, but it still offers excellent security benefits to properties. 

Pros of Mesh Fencing 

Mesh fencing offers many great benefits to property owners, which is why it’s such a popular permanent or temporary barrier for properties today: 

  • High visibility is ideal for schools and other public venues. 
  • Any security breaches are very easy to notice on mesh fencing. 
  • Very difficult for intruders to climb mesh fencing due to its construction. The flat top and smaller holes make it almost impossible to grip onto. 
  • A modern appearance, which creates a more attractive and welcoming first impression for your property or event this year. 
  • Easy to maintain. The upkeep costs associated with mesh fencing are generally quite low. 
  • Installation takes about 40% less time than palisade fencing, so it’s a great solution if you need some last-minute event fencing. 

Cons of a Mesh Fencing Barrier 

To balance things out, let’s take a look at the cons of installing mesh fencing on your property: 

  • Mesh fencing can be cut open with hand tools, so although intruders can’t climb over, there are other ways through. From there, they can then climb up and over the fencing. 
  • The steel is not as robust as other fencing solutions, and you’ll find that when mesh fencing is exposed to the elements, this can result in a shorter lifespan. 
  • You may need to add extra accessories onto your fencing to create a more secure solution for your property. 
  • Can be challenging to install on uneven surfaces, which you’ll want to keep in mind if you are using this as a temporary event security solution. 

Mesh fencing and palisade fencing both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s all about weighing up these to decide which is the best solution for securing your commercial property this year. Both of these solutions can be used for either permanent or temporary solutions and are ideal for securing your event this year. Most often, the choice between the two comes down to the ground you are laying the fencing on and the aesthetic you are looking for. By working with a professional temporary fence hire company, you’ll receive the advice and support you need to help you create a secure site to fit your requirements this year.

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