Do you need site security fencing more than you think?

site fencing for securityConstruction and building sites are becoming more and more of a target for theft and vandalism.  Tools and equipment are the main items you will find often stolen and sold on for much less than face value. 

Of course, the cost of this to you, the individual, as well as the project as a whole, has much more dramatic and costly consequences. 

It also becomes an inconvenience.  It can hold up elements of work; you now find your time on the phone dealing with insurance companies, the police, and trying to source an alternative piece of equipment rather than just being able to get on with the job at hand. 

All in all, it’s a headache and a hassle you could do without. 

But, could temporary fencing, which is ideal for sites and available in different styles and types be the perfect solution? 

In this post, we look at how you can maintain your profit margins and keep your project running smoothly with the perfect site security fencing. 

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It’s not just as simple as replacing what’s been taken 

Sometimes it’s not all about the cost of replacing an expensive tool which has been stolen from the site.  In most cases, this can be quite straightforward and alternative tools can be sourced quite quickly and insurance companies will cover the cost, etc., but what about if damage runs much deeper than this? 

For example, the damage caused by vandalism can outweigh the cost of material replacement and tools by more than 10-to-1.  Things like damaging electrics, stealing copper and lead piping, which is very valuable, yes all will again be covered by your insurance company, but in some cases like these, it’s not a case of replacing one part but instead an entire piping system or a complete roof.  

There’s also the risk of increased premiums from your insurance providers as well as the cost to you for the time you and your employees have lost, and the re-work needed to get the project back on track. 

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Setting up the perfect deterrents 

We find that most on-site thefts aren’t always the most well thought out or planned.  Quite often, it is what we call “opportunists.” Those people who potentially see something valuable lying around or believe there to be something valuable inside, so head on in to see what it is. 

Setting up some simple deterrents can help to stop these opportunists in their tracks and from going any further. 

Making sure you have appropriate lighting is important, as well as floodlights when it gets dark, or sensor lighting which will flash on if someone walks past.  

Putting away or keeping out of sight tools and equipment should be all site workers number one priority, as well as site managers making sure that all entrance and exits to the site have locks and look more complicated than what they are to enter. 

At Site Fencing, we have a range of temporary fencing for sale, which provides a good level of security and helps prevent property entry.  Acting as a great deterrent and making your employees feel safe and secure while on site too! 

Practical and affordable theft prevention measures 

As we believe, most job site thefts occur because of an opportunity presenting itself, as well as the precautions we’ve mentioned above, you could also consider introducing: 

  • Site security fencing.  This type of site fencing can add the first layer of security by eliminating the element of convenience to wouldbe thieves. 
  • Solid fencing.  Solid fencing can act as a privacy screen almost, in that it will help to reduce the visibility of the assets on your property. 
  • Barbed wire.  Most sites now will look to introduce barbed wire in some form.  Either just at the entrance and exit ways or all-around the fencing.  Barbed wire can act as a powerful deterrent for thieves and make it very difficult for people to navigate through!  Even the sight of barbed wire is enough for thieves to think twice. 

Putting the best and the right solutions in place from the start can save you a lot of time and protect your bottom line in the long run. 

If you’re looking at site fencing that works for you, call us today on 01274 833 396 and see how we can help.

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