Making The Most Of Your Temporary Fencing

Making The Most Of Your Temporary FencingThere are so many reasons why you may consider hiring temporary fencing. Whether you are looking to protect your construction site or home or need additional crowd control for a special event, there are ways to make temporary fencing even more effective for your business or home. Many individuals opt to use temporary fencing while they are waiting for a permanent fence to arrive, but you’ll want to ensure it still offers a safe and secure solution for your needs. 

Temporary fencing is only going to be useful for properties today when it’s installed and maintained properly. You’ll want to know how to look after your fencing to ensure you protect anything that’s located within its perimeter. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your temporary event fencing this year. 

Installing Temporary Fencing 

The first step to enjoying all the benefits of temporary fencing is to ensure it’s set up properly. Here at Site Fencing Services, we can offer assistance with setting up your temporary fencing to ensure your property is secured throughout the time you are using this solution. Generally, temporary fences are quick and easy to put up, but our professional team will know where is best to place each of the parts of your fencing solution. You’ll want to put aside a good amount of time to put up your fencing to ensure it won’t be impacted by strong winds or snow over the upcoming days or weeks. For best results, we recommend assembling site fencing in a zig-zag formation, as opposed to opting for a straight line. This minimises the chance of it collapsing when it’s hit with strong winds or rain.

Look Out For Gaps in Your Fencing 

While it may seem obvious, you need to make sure your temporary fencing is free from gaps so that it can complete its job properly. This will ensure that no people or animals can make their way onto your property at night, which is why many homes and businesses today require fencing in the first place. During the initial installation, ensure there are no gaps around the fencing perimeter. Even the tiniest of gaps can welcome intruders in, so make sure it’s closed off well. From time to time, take a walk around the perimeter of your fence to check if any gaps have appeared or your fencing is showing any weaknesses or damage. 

Avoid Safety Hazards Near Your Fence Line 

We all know how messy building sites can get, and the fence line often becomes a dumping place for soil and building materials. However, this can destroy your temporary fencing and make your security solution much weaker. It also presents a safety hazard for both your employees and any pedestrians who are passing by your building site. In order to look after everyone who comes close to your site, keep your fence line free from any litter or dirt. 

Fence Repairs and Maintenance 

Although some people opt to hire event fencing for just a few days, many companies use temporary fences for a few months or even longer. During this time, it’s likely that damage may occur, whether that’s due to natural forces or accidents on your site. Ensure you book in a temporary fence repair immediately if you do notice any damage occurring. While some minor damage may be able to be fixed by your team, we always recommend calling your fencing supplier to keep them updated about any issues you may be experiencing. You’ll want to regularly inspect and maintain your fencing and ensure that any clamps you have are properly secured on the fences. 

Choose a Professional Temporary Fence Provider 

Don’t try to cut costs when it comes to temporary fencing solutions, as this will often create more of a hazard than not having a fence at all. Here at Site Fencing Services, we can work with you to secure your property for a temporary event or a long-term construction project. We understand that no two properties or pieces of land are the same and that securing your property is of utmost importance today. We only offer the highest quality fencing solutions, and you’ll know that you are in good hands through every step of the process. 

If you are unsure about how temporary fencing solutions could benefit your property or what would be the best solution for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We offer a wide range of services to fit all needs and budgets and will help you select the right fencing option to fit your property. After that, we’ll be there to help you with event fencing installation and any temporary fence repairs you may need during your time using our services. Our friendly and professional team will look after you every step of the way, so call us today to discuss your temporary fencing requirements.

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