How to increase security to your commercial property during winter

increase security with site fencing this winter

As the dark nights’ fast approach during the winter months, the risk of damage and theft to commercial properties, unfortunately, does rise. 

One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the level of security around your property is to install appropriate security fencing. 

Installing robust site security fencing can help to deter burglars and provide strong resilience against winter weather conditions. 

Highest protection around 

Steel fencing is an excellent option for protecting commercial premises during winter. Acting as a strong deterrent, steel is an extremely effective security fence. 

Specific types of fencing to choose from include: 

Paladin fencing, which offers both high security and pleasant aesthetics. You will often find this type of fencing surrounding schools and larger businesses; as it is not only pleasing on the eye, it is also durable and robust. Withstanding wintery conditions, as well as resilient in that it offers anti-climb and anti-vandalism. 

This type of fencing also allows you to see out of the grounds of your property and spot potential intruders. It is surprisingly delicate and offers a classic look which many businesses are accustomed to. 

Durable and strong, overall, this style of fence is designed to make it incredibly difficult for intruders to enter the property. 

Palisade fencing is often used on a mix of both commercial and domestic properties. Most commonly found where properties have a large area of land associated with the property, and you need to stop intruders from climbing over and then entering the property itself. 

Palisade fencing is highly resilient, strong, easy to assemble, and is available in a range of sizes and colours. All of which can be designed as bespoke fencing customised to your requirements. 

Wooden security fencing is not a popular choice for commercial properties, but it is still an option depending on what you’re looking for. Wood fencing can, of course, be customised to suit and can come in any colour. It also lasts a long time, standing the test of time in winter months. However, it is not as robust as steel, not as secure, and will need to be regularly maintained as wood will rot over time. 

Chain link fencing is often considered the best type of fencing for commercial businesses. The major benefit of chain link fencing is that it is strong yet see-through, making it extremely effective for security purposes. 

Privacy board fencing or vinyl fencing is ideal if you’re looking for privacy in the workplace. For example, many shopping areas that are situated opposite residential areas will often use this type of fencing. If you’re looking to ensure privacy for your clients, this type of fencing certainly meets the bill. 

Ornamental fencing is installed on those commercial premises that want to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance — accentuating your property while maintaining its security. This type of fencing, similar to vinyl fencing, requires less maintenance than wood fence panelling and can be used to complement a variety of different styles. 

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What can secure site fencing offer your business? 

  • Enhanced security 
  • Improved appearance 
  • Privacy 
  • Peace of mind 
  • Options 

However, for all site fencing services can provide you with all of the above and more, it is the installation and the quality of installation that is crucial. 

All of the team at Site Fencing are experienced and fully trained in the installation of all fence types. Helping to offer you the right fencing solutions for your commercial property. 

Working with you and your requirements, we also consider the most suitable type of fencing for the winter months, providing you with a range of options. 

We provide a wide range of fencing services. Supplying and installing fencing solutions for a variety of commercial customers and offering durability and high levels of security no matter what the season. 

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