How to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Your Commercial Property

Pedestrian SafetyFor anyone tasked with the responsibility of looking after safety on a commercial property, one of your top priorities should be improving pedestrian safety. With so many cars and large vehicles entering and exiting commercial properties throughout the day, creating safe routes for your employees and visitors can be a challenge. Using a crowd control barrier is a great way to avoid accidents and injuries from occurring on your site. By following these top tips listed below, you’ll be able to improve both the safety and the flow of pedestrian traffic on your site.

Take The Time to Assess and Plan Your Project

While it can be tempting to rush into planning the changes you are going to make for pedestrian safety, we recommend first reviewing the situation on your commercial property. You may identify areas that need immediate improvement, especially if you’ve had a recent accident or near-miss. Otherwise, consider all the options listed below and plan out how to combine these solutions to create a safer and more pleasant environment on your property. Pedestrian control is so often overlooked by companies who prioritise the needs of vehicles and deliveries for their site. If you are planning a large event or gathering on your site this year, ensure queue management needs are assessed well in advance to avoid a last-minute panic.

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Pedestrian Barriers to Assist With Queue Management

A crowd control barrier is a perfect solution for queue management to help improve pedestrian safety in your workplace. This can be used as either a temporary or permanent solution. You can hire as few or as many plastic barriers as you need, which can then create a path for your employees to walk through between buildings. These are very easy for drivers to see, so there won’t be any confusion surrounding which areas on your site are for pedestrians or vehicles. If you have a sudden influx of people visiting your site, you can quickly and easily assemble these barriers or create a diversion if needed.

The choices of pedestrian barriers on offer today are exceptional, and you’ll find that they come in a good selection of materials to fit your needs. You can rent security barriers in various heights and widths, so you’ll have no trouble finding a solution for your property. We always recommend this as the first solution for creating new pathways on a commercial property, especially when events or construction are taking place. For more information about adding pedestrian barriers to your property, reach out to the team at Site Fencing Services today.

Night-time Lighting

Many commercial properties run their operations twenty-four hours a day, requiring team members to be present throughout the day and night. If you have employees walking around your premises at night, you should always offer them a pathway that is fully lit throughout the night. Poor visibility is one of the top reasons for accidents on commercial properties, and when cars aren’t looking out for pedestrians, incidents are more likely to occur. When choosing lights for your commercial property, consider the audience who will be visiting your site. Place lights at the correct level, so they won’t blind pedestrians or drivers as they are moving around the site. Ensure they are placed at an equal distance, so there are no patches of darkness that your employees have to navigate through on the route.

Add More Signs to Your Property

While lighting and pedestrian barriers will certainly make the journey safer for pedestrians, if they don’t know where they are going in the first place, these two solutions will be far less effective. Add permanent signage around your property indicating the main areas employees and visitors would need to access, such as your reception. This can help to avoid confusion and visitors ending up in locations where they shouldn’t be accessing. When sites are poorly marked, this is when more incidents occur. Ensure any out of bounds areas are clearly marked so that pedestrians don’t end up in the way of big delivery lorries. Finally, if you are hosting a special event, you can add more temporary signs for this occasion. These can be used to welcome visitors and show the route to the main venues they’ll need to access.

Pedestrian safety is just as important as vehicle safety on commercial properties today. The larger your property is, the more time you’ll need to take to assess the needs of your site. By working to improve pedestrian flow and safety on your commercial property, you can decrease the number of incidents and accidents that happen each year. We should all be aiming for no safety accidents to take place on our sites, and by adding a clear crowd control barrier route, your employees and visitors will know exactly where they are heading each day.

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