How to Avoid Poor Crowd Control Management

How to Avoid Poor Crowd Control Management

Crowd control management is something that anyone should consider when they are preparing for a large event. We all know how dangerous poor crowd control management can be. If you’ve heard the terrifying news stories of people being crushed in crowds, this is something you should work to avoid ever happening. Visit for more information about crowd control solutions and how they could benefit your upcoming event.

Why Do You Need to Worry About Crowd Control Management? 

If you are welcoming a large crowd to your workplace or an event you are organising, crowd control management needs to be one of your first considerations. That should include putting a proper route in place and using crowd control barriers to show your guests where they should be going. Without these measures in place, you might put too many people in a small area and risk someone getting crushed. It’s horrifying to hear stories like these about events, and it’s something no company can afford to happen. You’ll find that by considering crowd safety management, you’ll ensure your event goes off without a hitch and is enjoyable for both employees and attendees.

Help Your Guests Arrive Safely 

From the moment your guests arrive on site, their safety is in your hands. If you are organising a large event such as a festival or sports match, you need to ensure your parking is safe and effective. This should keep in mind both traffic and pedestrians. By putting up signs and using a crowd control fence, you can ensure your guests all know where to park and walk. Make sure you have a message up at the entry point to ask cars to slow down. When it comes to putting up signs, ensure they are always bright in colour so people can see them. Entry and exit signs are critical in a car park, as they’ll offer everyone the guidance they need to get in and out of your venue safely. It’s so important to make a good first impression on people arriving at an event, and this is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Venue Entrances and Exits 

Another risky area when it comes to your crowd management plan is the entrance and exit to your venue. Large venues will likely have multiple entry points, and you need to keep an eye on all of these. If you have separate tickets for different entrances, use crowd control solutions and staff members to assist with this task. We recommend trying to split up large crowds as soon as possible. This will help your staff members and visitors to safely enter and exit the venue and find their way to their seats where applicable. Make sure you also invest in enough staff for your event. There are many great temporary staffing agencies, who will offer you staff members to work alongside a crowd control barrier. They can also offer security staff members, who will be happy to check everyone’s bags as they enter the venue.

Plan Ahead 

The number one piece of advice we have for you in regard to crowd control management is to plan ahead. Don’t leave looking at your crowd control solutions until the last minute. You might find it impossible to rent our crowd control barriers the day before, as they are often fully booked in the peak season. If you are organising a summer festival or Christmas event, make sure you plan and book ahead for crowd control solutions and staff members. These are peak times in the events industry, so you need to be sure you’ll be fully staffed and organised for the big day.

Make sure you and your team take the time to sit down and go through the guidelines for big events. You should then brief junior team members on their job role and what to do in an emergency. Ensure you send clear communication out to anyone who is visiting your site, and offer them advice about when they should arrive and anything they need to bring. Communication is the key to organising a safe and fun event, but so many companies overlook this. Keep this in mind through everything you do, and you’ll find your event to be so much more successful. 

Poor crowd control management is a huge concern to companies today, but you’ll be on your way to success with good communication and the right solutions. Our company offers a wide range of crowd control barriers to fit any shape and size of event. We’ll be happy to discuss the best solutions for your upcoming event. Contact us today for more information and to start preparing to welcome a large number of guests to your site. The earlier you start preparing, the safer you and your guests will be when it comes to the big day.