How temporary fencing can help in the current pandemic

How temporary fencing can help in the current pandemicCOVID-19 has changed the way in which we all operate and indeed go about our daily lives. 

Social distancing is now the new “normal,” and no longer is it rude to cross the road to avoid someone walking towards you or to shout across streets just to say “hello.” 

However, with panic buying and some sectors still able to work due to such roles not being able to be carried out at home (primarily the construction and building sectors), social distancing can be adhered to and helped with the use of temporary fencing. 

By all means, we do not mean caging people in! But instead, using fencing to help to segregate certain areas, cordon off walkways, create safe crowd control barriers, and much more. 

At Site Fencing, we want to help support communities and businesses wherever and however, we can.  To this end and to help during the Coronavirus outbreak, we want to highlight the two best uses of temporary fencing during this time.

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1. Within hospital premises and even GP surgeries.

Most hospital sites have now set up emergency “pods” or testing areas outside of the hospital’s main four walls. This has been designed to help control the possibility of the spread of infection further within the hospitals and GP surgeries while testing is being carried out. 

These selected areas can be cordoned off using temporary plastic fencing, which is stable and secure, helping to provide an immediate segregated area. 

Appropriate signage can also be attached to temporary fencing so people can clearly see where they should be going and understand what these areas and “pods” have been set up for. 

2. Support construction workers and construction sites.

Some construction and building sites continue to operate, all being with a potentially smaller workforce; however, most have not closed completely. 

Anti-climb fences on these sites are the most recommended currently.  As if locations have closed or if they are working reduced hours, where the site is unmanned for prolonged periods of time, protecting the site and the vital equipment held within the premises from theft and potential opportunists is vital. 

To help keep sites functioning, plastic barriers can also be used to form walkways and different areas for contractors where necessary. Again, helping to ensure that you meet all of the social distancing rules and that your employees are safe at all times. 

Types of fencing available 

Regular temporary fencing panels – these are the most commonly used type of fencing. Their durable steel panels come in two sizes depending on your requirements – making them a great temporary solution. 

Chain link temporary fencing – this type of fencing is extremely resilient; however, it must be driven into the ground to withstand certain conditions, making it more suitable to construction sites, rather than hospital locations. Ideal if you are looking for high levels of security, however. 

Barricade fencing – barricade fencing is free-standing steel fencing that is durable, lightweight, and extremely adaptable. This type of fencing offers flexibility and versatility like no other. 

Privacy screen fencing – does what it says on the fence! This type of fencing offers privacy by blocking visibility, creating a neutral and professional background, which could potentially be ideally suited for current testing areas. 

Benefits of temporary fencing 

  • Can support current social distancing guidelines 
  • Can support hospitals and dedicated units with testing and segregation pods 
  • Helps to increase security around abandoned sites 
  • Fences are lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective 
  • Temporary fencing helps to manage accessibility 
  • Fences are available in different sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of projects, initiatives, and sites. 
  • They can help manage crowd control 
  • Offer increased privacy, and 

Most importantly…. 

  • They are temporary structures, providing a temporary solution. 

At Site Fencing, we believe that we are all in this together, and we are here to help where we can. 

We offer temporary fence rental, helping to direct people, section off areas, and much more. 

Our fencing solutions offer a safe and secure solution, and what’s more, they are easy to erect and move to where you need them most. 

Call us on 01274 833 396 and a member of our team will be happy to help! 

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