How renting temporary construction fencing can save you money

How renting temporary construction fencing can save you moneyWorking in the construction industry or building sector in some capacity means you will most likely have come across temporary fencing for rent. 

Used to help keep pedestrians away from all of the dangers on site and to keep the area in question safe and secure, hire fencing can provide you with a whole host of benefits. 

The biggest question that many people and companies ask themselves is whether to hire or indeed buy temporary fencing. 

Of course, different factors will come into play for various businesses and differing projects.  In this post, we provide some further information on how renting site fencing can be the best option, saving you valuable time and money for those all-important budgets!

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Hiring construction fencing can save you money! 

Every project is different. 

This means that the temporary fencing you purchase for one project may not be suitable or indeed enough for your next project. 

Then what do you do? 

Hiring fencing that you need when you need it and for how long you need it, can in this sense, work out to be much more cost-effective and save you from a lot of headaches and additional planning in the long run. 

With flexible hire terms available from Site Fencing, we ensure that our customers have the right fence, at the right time, with the correct sizes and panels – removing all fencing when your project is finished and complete. 

Your team doesn’t have to erect the fencing 

If you buy and have in store your fencing, members of your team then become responsible for erecting it when needed. However, this can take them away from other tasks that they could be getting on with. They also may not be trained to put up fencing or indeed, know how to erect it securely, causing potential health and safety problems. 

Renting your temporary fencing from a reputable supplier means that you have peace of mind knowing that it will be delivered to site, erected where you have specified, safely, securely, and as efficiently as possible. 

You don’t have to pay for storage 

This leads us nicely onto storage. Do you have somewhere to store your fencing when not in use? What about the correct mode of transport to deliver it safely? 

These are additional costs that can often be forgotten about when purchasing temporary fencing; however, we would recommend they be taken into consideration and built into all budgeting. 

Quality and safety are guaranteed 

If you are using a reputable supplier. 

A reputable supplier will always guarantee the quality of their fencing and erect, such as fencing 100% safely. 

Are your teams trained in such processes and practices? 

Can you guarantee the same levels of safety? 

Protecting your site 

Temporary fencing sets clear visible boundaries, helping to keep pedestrians and unwanted visitors out – this helps to reduce the chance of theft of tools, materials, equipment, etc. 

In this sense hiring temporary fencing like anti-climb fencing can be a small expense when outweighed with the cost of replacing stolen equipment. Or even the losses incurred due to work not being carried out because of missing tools and equipment. 

It can help with insurances 

Putting all, and the right, security measures in place can help to lower your insurance rates. And regular use of these security measures can help to lead to reduced premiums and shows compliance with all health and safety regulations. 

Keeps you compliant 

Temporary fencing can help to make you compliant with many of the health and safety regulations set out for construction and building sites.  Keeping you and your teams safe. 

You must be aware of the regulations and your requirements, and you must act accordingly, not to risk fines or any additional fees! 

Types of fencing available for hire 

  • Noise Barriers 
  • Heras Systems 
  • Mesh Panels 
  • Hoardings 
  • Traffic Demarcation 
  • Pedestrian Barriers 

Things to consider if you’re thinking of buying temporary fencing 

Budgets – do you have the budget set aside on projects to purchase outright the specific temporary fencing you need? 

Timescales – how long do you need these temporary systems in place?  Often, hiring works out to be the most cost-effective option. 

Size of Project – how much fencing do you require, and is this the same for every project? 

Speed – how fast do you need your fencing supplied and erected? 

Project completed – where will you store your fencing when your project is complete?  When hiring, all you need to do is give us a call to arrange collection. 

At Site Fencing, we offer high-quality temporary fencing solutions all at competitive prices. 

We have a large stock base, with quick delivery, and a range of different types of temporary fencing available. 

Our temporary fencing is suitable for residential use, commercial use, construction, building sites, and so much more. 

For expert advice call a member of our friendly team on 01274 833 396 

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