Do you need to buy or hire your temporary fencing?

Do you need to buy or hire temporary fencingNo matter, whether you look to buy or hire, temporary fencing is unique to you and your requirements. But there are pros and cons relating to both, and a number of things that you should think about before making your final decision.

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To hire or buy?  That is the question!

Let us kick start the debate with the factor everyone thinks of first, cost.  Purchasing temporary fencing may seem like the most cost-effective solution if you’re aware that you will be using temporary fencing 2 or 3 times over (meaning it probably has paid for itself by this time), however, have you taking into consideration the additional time your team now have to spend setting up, installing and dismantling fencing?

Time away from getting the actual job done is time and resources that you must spare and now plan into your projects.

Using a specialist fencing contractor means your temporary fencing is erected by professionals. Professionals who are fully trained to install fencing on even the most uneven of surfaces, using their knowledge and skill to secure the fencing in place making it completely health and safety solid.

Are your team as trained and do they have everything to hand if something needs replacing on installation, snapped or broken clips, for example?

In this sense, cost and what classifies as being cost-effective can take on a very different notion.

Secondly, comes convenience. Everyone would like their project/event/traffic situation to run smoothly, and temporary fencing shouldn’t be the element where most time is spent. With purchased fencing, it might seem more convenient at certain points, for example, if your project overruns, you don’t need to worry about additional charges, or if you have to move it from one area to another, there is no waiting for availability or time slots, etc.

However, working with a professional fencing company who offer temporary fencing for hire, delivery, installation, and removal is always included, and working with companies such as Site Fencing, we have a team of experts always out in the field, never leaving customers waiting and always available when you need us. Again, ensuring perfect set up, first time, every time.

What’s more, when hiring your temporary fence, you don’t have to worry about where to store it in between projects. Often paying for costly storage facilities or having no place at all. With temporary fence hire, storage is no longer your problem.

This links to how convenient you want your logistics to be too. For example, with temporary fencing for sale, do you have means by which to transport this safely and securely?

It’s also important to consider the Health and Safety aspects of temporary fencing. For example, what are you and your team trained in, compared to that of using a specialist fencing installer?

Yes, owning your temporary fencing can provide you with more flexibility, being able to move it where you want, when you want and, in this sense, you have complete control, with no worrying about pick up and deliveries, etc.

But, what guarantee have you got that the fencing structure has been set up correctly and abides by all Health and Safety requirements? In this sense, you are now fully liable for any safety aspects when it comes to temporary fencing.

Finally, think about quality assurances. When hiring your temporary fencing, quality should come as standard, with a team who are trained and specialised in dealing with any temporary fencing installation, dismantling, etc. When buying temporary fencing, someone must be responsible for checking that the temporary fencing is up to standard and passes all safety aspects.

At Site Fencing, we offer a range of temporary fencing solutions, with temporary fencing for hire and sale, and we’re confident we have a solution to meet a whole host of requirements.

Our team is fully compliant with all Health and Safety regulations and trained to the highest of standards. If you’re looking for flexibility, convenience, and a cost-effective solution, look no further than Site Fencing for all your temporary fencing needs.

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