Fencing standards in Bradford – Are your security solutions up to scratch?

site fencing standards in BradfordRegularly checking the levels of security around your premises is essential. 

Essential to help keep your workforce feeling safe, essential to keep unwanted visitors out, and essential in providing you with complete peace of mind. 

In this post, we look at the importance of checking your current security solutions as well as fencing types and access points. 

Areas to regularly check and review 


It is vital to check all perimeter fencing that you have around and on your property. 

Security fencing is a great and effective solution to providing a high level of security and acting as a line of defence in keeping intruders out. 

Make sure to regularly look for gaps or any breaks in the fence that needs addressing asap. 

Depending on the type of fencing, you will also need to check for signs of rust and if this is affecting the strength and capability of the fence. 

To test the strength of the fence, put pressure on the actual panels/railings. Does it still stand strong? Does it move much? Can you damage it without using any heavy machinery? 

If the answer is negative to any of these questions, then we would recommend updating or replacing the fence as soon as possible. (Site Fencing provide a variety of Fence Panels to clients in Bradford, all at the most cost-effective prices, make sure to call our team to find out more). 

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Alarms, CCTV, and electronic fencing 

If you have any electronic deterrents such as these, it’s important to check them to ensure they’re still 100% effective and fully operational. 

To check their operational use, trigger the alarm sensors, and see how they work. With CCTV cameras, check the images that are recorded and ensure these are good quality and in real-time. Electric fences should be able to be activated with ease and maintained, so no faulty components in the system act as a weak link. 

How to choose the right fencing 

When choosing the right fencing, you need to think about design, height, material, pattern, and even the spacing between the bars/rails. 

These characteristics need to match your specifications perfectly. 

Rigid mesh fencing is one of the most versatile types of fencing available to commercial businesses. With the mesh made up of thin metal strips, creating a tight pattern, but providing little to no space for intruders to climb through. This type of fencing also offers greater visibility from both sides. 

However, if privacy is of high importance, then solid timber or vinyl fences should also be considered. Offering you fantastic durability with no viewing gaps for prying eyes. 

Consider your access points 

Choosing the type of fencing for your commercial premises is the first step. Working out your access points to allow authorised personnel into the property is the second. 

Luckily, you do have a choice when it comes to access gates — providing easy access for your workforce and stability for the remaining fence. 

Construction sites and those that require pedestrian access tend to adopt a turnstile or barriers access area — preventing people from entering sites before officially identifying themselves. 

Sliding gates are a great solution if you need to provide access to vehicles and take regular deliveries. Automated remote access for these access gates can also offer you the additional benefit of keeping security levels high, without having teams to man the gate 24/7. 

However, the most cost-effective access option is that of a rising arm barrier. Preventing unwanted vehicles from entering, but still providing an opening to unauthorised personnel. 

Looks can be deceiving 

Fencing can offer you much more than functionality. It can be designed and customised to invoke a positive look for your business. 

As opposed to looking like Fort Knox, attractive security fences can make premises feel much more welcoming while keeping your business safe. 

Railings are a great example of this as they are designed to be spaced further apart to give a more open feel, vertical bar railings are manufactured with an angled design to maximise aesthetic appeal. 

This type of fencing is extremely robust and secure, with the added measure of polyester coated or galvanised finishes. 

Security Fencing Bradford 

Fencing shouldn’t be left as an afterthought. 

It should be checked regularly as part of your security solutions. Allowing you to adapt, change, and grow your security as required. 

Improvements to security should always be carried out if the threat landscape has changed. 

At Site Fencing, we work with a variety of businesses providing cost-effective fencing solutions to secure all property types. 

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