Different types of barricades and their use

Different types of barricades and their use

Firstly, let us start by saying that barriers for crowd control and barricades are different and used for different purposes in various situations. 

For example, a crowd control barricade prevents access or helps to control the flow of pedestrian traffic.  Whereas crowd control barriers act more than a psychological barrier, a barrier that doesn’t prevent access completely but instead helps to keep everything and everyone in an orderly fashion – keeping things systematically organised. 

Helping to prevent unauthorised access, crowd control barricades also help reduce the chances of incidents and accidents while increasing security and keeping people safe. 

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The different crowd control barrier types 

Steel barricades 

The strongest and most robust barrier, steel barricades are ideal in high traffic areas.  They have great interlocking features, which is preferred when large crowds are expected.  Heavy and rigid in their design, steel barricades are very hard to move once they’re in place. 

Steel crowd barricades are most commonly used outside and for large events and festivals, etc.  The benefit of opting for steel barriers is that they are available in a range of materials.  For example, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminium, and more (note: hot-dip galvanized steel is the highest quality steel barrier available and also the most popular). 

They also come in various lengths, 1m, 2m, and 2.5m, and have different interlocking systems that include the classic style, wide hook, or bent hand style. 

When it comes to steel barrier bases, we’d recommend removable and replaceable bases as-welded bases once damaged mean the entire panel needs to be replaced rather than just the base!  These bases are typically flat or bridge, with bridge bases offering a more stable barrier, and flat helping reduce tripping hazards. 

Ultimately, these crowd barricades are very effective. 

Plastic pedestrian barricades 

Durable, practical, and more attractive than steel, plastic barriers come in a range of colours so you can match your barriers to your company colours, brand, team colours, and more! 

These barriers are also lightweight and offer high visibility making them great at sporting events and festivals. 

Available in sizes 3 feet and 6.5 feet, these barriers are also easy to move, stack, and store. 

Signage can also be placed on these barriers, so warning signs, logos, etc., can be displayed.  

These barriers are often more suitable for flat surfaces. 

Post and rope barriers (Stanchion barriers) 

Ideal for crowd management, these barriers include a weighted post with a loose rope connecting the posts together.  Also known as stanchion barriers, this type of barrier is used for red carpet events, trade shows, restaurants, museums, banks, etc.  Suitable for indoor use, these barriers are also prevalent at wedding receptions. 

Often available in a range of styles, colours, quality, and prices.  These different types include twisted, plastic, velour, rope, and more. 

They are also available in a range of colours. 

Most typically found in standard heights of just over 3 feet, you can also get different post tops, i.e., flat, crown, and ball.  As well as a range of bases, i.e. fixed, flat, or dome. 

Different finishes are also available, i.e., brushed metal and high shine brass.  

Retractable barriers 

Retractable belt posts are very popular in retail environments, guiding customers through queues and around checkouts. 

Retractable belts work as the loaded cassette retracts the belt back into the housing to create a line break or store the belt when not in use.  This built-in belt system is easy to set up and does not have to be a permanent feature. 

Available in an extensive colour range, patterns, lengths, etc., you can also have these belts custom printed to promote your key messages and brand.  Only available in flat top cassettes, however, you can include sign inserts, LED signs, sanitation station taps, flat writing surfaces, and more. 

Approximately three feet tall, retractable belts can be manufactured from plastic or steel and can hold/manage relatively large crowds making them ideal for large temporary events. 

Crowd control barriers are ultimately used to control the flow of traffic.  Visible and used at various events, crowd control barrier usage helps with security, better organisation, increased efficiency, and improved safety. 

You need to choose a crowd control barrier that best compliments your event and requirements, considering the venue’s size, expected numbers, requirements for different sections, whether the event is indoors or outdoors, etc.  

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