Crowd Control Management Tips for Organizing Events

Crowd Control Management Tips for Organizing Events

One of the most important elements of organising an event is looking after your guests and your staff members’ safety and well-being. If you are expecting a high number of attendees, you’ll want to use various crowd control techniques to avoid overcrowding or anyone potentially were crushed or injured. Crowd management strategies should be considered for any large event, to help keep people away from restricted areas, avoid injuries, and keep queues manageable. Today we’re going to share some of our top crowd control techniques, to help you host a safe and enjoyable event for all involved.

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Create a Route 

When setting up for a large event, it’s essential that you guide your guests through their journey. By using crowd control barriers and good directional signage, you can create a clear path for your guests from their arrival at the venue. With all the excitement of a big concert, sporting event or party, people don’t often pay much attention to their surroundings. By using large and clear signage, and forcing your guests to walk a certain way with crowd control barriers, you can ensure they stick to the areas of the venue they are allowed to be in. 

Easy Setup 

With the everchanging nature of large events, you want to have crowd control techniques in place that are quick and easy to implement. Whether you experience a sudden downpour or a last-minute event cancellation, you’ll want to be able to move your crowd control barriers within minutes if a difficult situation arises. A good set of pedestrian barriers can be used in all weather conditions and will have anti-trip feet. Ones that use simple double hooks and eyes, such as pedestrian barriers from Site Fencing Services, will provide you with a quick and easy setup and break down. You can even opt to get barriers made to fit your requirements, allowing you to find a solution that makes your event site safe and easy to navigate for all involved. 


Crowd control security is also an integral part of any big event. While you can put all the required barriers and equipment in place, if a situation or fight does occur during your event, you’ll need physical assistance from security to break this up. Use a staffing agency to provide you with qualified temporary security staff, and ensure they are spaced evenly throughout your site. Add additional crowd control security at key areas of concern, such as the entrance to your site and the main stage. Ensure you have a communication system set up with your team so that you are able to discuss any issues that occur on the site during the day of the event. 

Directional Signage 

While you can force your event attendees to follow a path into your event with pedestrian barriers, you’ll want to make sure your signage is clear and concise throughout the event space. A good sign will capture someone’s attention and deliver the information they need to direct them to the correct location. Ensure you have appropriate safety and hazard signage in place, with clear directions to emergency exits throughout the venue. From the moment someone arrives and parks their car, you’ll need to direct them through the process to ensure they don’t become frustrated before even starting their day. Don’t overlook the need for signage for smaller facilities on site too, such as toilets and water fountains. 

Queue Placement 

If you expect to experience queues at your event, pedestrian barriers can help form a sensible route for your customers. This queue can be used to your advantage, with well-placed retail booths and concession stands. A well-planned queue can help eliminate bottlenecks and make customers feel like they are in a much shorter line than they really are! You’ll have a captive audience while your customers are in the queue to enter your event, so use this to your advantage to offer key information about the day ahead, or to sell programmes, merchandise or snacks. 

Regardless of the size of your next event, you’ll want to ensure you consider using site fencing hire for your crowd management needs. By using security and directional signage along with crowd control barriers, you can offer a safe experience for both your customers and your staff members. Remember that by planning ahead for your crowd management strategies and by having back-up plans for changes that may occur, you’ll be able to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who attends your event. 

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