Construction Site Hoarding Regulations

Construction Site Hoarding RegulationsIf you are thinking about putting up hoarding for your construction site, you’ll need to ensure you are following the rules and regulations in this area. These temporary structures that go around the perimeter of your site fall under site hoarding regulations which you need to obey at all times. The aim of site hoarding is to stop anyone from entering the site while also shielding your work from the public eye. Keep reading as we share the key things to keep in mind when putting up site hoarding in the future.

What Regulations Must You Follow When Putting Up Site Hoarding? 

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) shares that you need to protect the public who are walking by your construction site. This is one of the main reasons for putting up construction site fencing as well as also protecting your work. Before you start work on a site, you’ll need to complete a health and safety assessment, which will determine if your work could pose a risk to the public. The Construction Design and Management Regulations have five parts to the legal obligations you must follow, which means you need to add signs to your site fencing to share who is allowed to access the site. You also need to take further steps to ensure only authorised people are allowed access, such as by using key cards or a security access point.

Things to Keep In Mind When Putting Up Construction Site Hoarding 

As a construction site manager, you’ll need to think about many things at the start of your project. Construction site hoarding comes with its fair share of considerations, which force you to think about the people who live and work in the local area. You need to consider children and vulnerable people who might live nearby to ensure they are safe throughout your time working in the local area. Always place barriers around any pits or areas you’ve dug up to make sure no one can fall in. When you are working with vehicles, lock them away at night where possible to keep them out of other people’s way.

Your material storage is a key reason for putting up hoarding construction fences, as it can stop items from falling over and ending up on the road. At nighttime, we recommend you hide away ladders so that no one can access your scaffolding or climb up too high. Hazardous substances also need to be locked away, as you never know who might find their way onto your building site when you are done for the day. There are so many things to keep in mind before you start work, but this will ensure that your team and everyone in the local area is safe throughout the project.

Construction Materials and Wall Height for Site Hoarding 

A typical building site will need to have a 2-metre high fence, but it’s recommended that you increase this to 2.4 metres. If your site needs increased security, there will be up to 3 metres of high-security fencing. High fences are a good idea in city centres or in areas where there are a lot of children. You might also want to add mesh fencing for an inner security fence, which can be locked up separately from the outside fencing. As far as the materials for your fencing, we usually recommend steel or timber. Timber is pre-set at 2.4 metres, and it’s usually made from low-density chipboard or plywood.

The Design of Your Site Hoarding 

Just because you have to put up temporary fencing at your construction site, it doesn’t mean that it can’t have a little more style. Many companies now opt to paint the hoarding in the contractor’s colours or design, and you can add logos or branding to show who is working on the project. Sites also sometimes sell this space to local companies for advertising, or you could add images of the project you are working on. If you are building residential housing, it’s a great way to attract attention to your project and try to sell more homes. You’ll find digital print companies will create attractive designs that can easily be added to any site fencing.

A security fence is a critical addition to any construction project, and it will ensure that everything within the area remains safe and secure even when you aren’t on-site. You’ll want to plan your site hoarding at the very start of the project before anyone begins construction work. If you are looking for the best site fencing options, we highly encourage you to get in touch with our team today. We’ll discuss your upcoming project with you to find the right solution for your building site and to keep everyone secure in the local area.