Choosing the right security fencing for your event

security fencing at event projectAny event, in some capacity, will require a form of security fencing.   

Fencing to help identify boundaries, specific areas, keep the flow of traffic moving, create space between spectators and performers, or even vehicles, as well as to help keep everybody safe, etc. 

Choosing and investing in the right type of temporary security fencing for your event or project is an essential part of the set-up process. 

In this post, we look at the deciding factors and influences that will impact on you making the best and the most informed decision. 

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How to choose the best site security fencing 

1. What is the purpose of the fence? I.e., what are you looking to achieve by putting security fencing in place? For example, security, privacy, specific VIP areas, access limitation, etc.?  As depending on what your expectations for fencing are will depend on your requirements regarding the security fencing you hire. 

For example, if you need to keep people out of certain areas, then a 10ft fence would be recommended to stop people from gaining access and having the ability to climb over.  You could also look at solid fences in this capacity or fences that can be covered with hoarding. 

Or maybe you need stage or pit barriers?  Ideal types of fencing if you’re hosting an outdoor music festival. 

When it comes to safety, concrete blocks will be your most robust option.  Mainly used when traffic is involved due to their durability. Concrete blocks can withstand vehicle impact and can help aid vehicles safely to designated areas. 

2. Who are your visitors? Whom will the fencing be protecting?  Security fencing is often required when high profile names, speakers, celebrities, politicians, etc. are attending events, and their personal safety is of the utmost importance.  You can minimise the risks and meet all of their individual requirements by installing the right security fencing at the event. 

3. Where is the event, and where will the fencing be placed? The land and the area that the fencing is placed plays a big role in the type of fencing, as well as the accessories that you will require.  For example, a flat concrete car park will be completely different from a muddy, uneven field. 

Assessing all the risks and working with a security fencing hire company that knows their stuff, will help manage and alleviate all risky situations and provide stable fence solutions for allterrain! 

However, the terrain is not the only thing to consider.  Where your event will be held, geographically also has an impact. 

Some places are considered more dangerous than others, and some areas will be slightly offended if their picturesque countryside village now has concrete blocks placed around it. 

It’s important to find out as much as possible about the area where your event is being held and what is and isn’t acceptable or indeed actually needed. 

4. How long do you need the temporary security fencing for? This is important to establish as the shorter your event, the less amount of time you want to spend setting up and creating boundaries and barriers. 

Metal railings and plastic (water and sandfilled) barriers offer the best lightweight solution.  Easy to install, they’re also easily moved and can be dismantled quickly, providing a suitable blockade for most situations. 

However, for longer-term events, concrete barriers or metal barriers might be the best option.  Of course, these will take longer to install so please bear this in mind. However, once they’re in place, you don’t have to worry about them moving until the event is finished. 

5. Do you have the equipment, tools, and manpower to move barriers?Installation of site security fencing requires a great deal of logistical planning.  Depending on the size of your event depends on how much fencing you will require and whether ultimately you have the manpower to install this, or if you need to budget and factor in a professional fencing company to carry out the installation for you. 

Using a professional security fencing hire company might become a necessity if large equipment, such as forklift trucks or lorry mounted cranes, are needed to move more substantial and sturdier fences into position. 


You need to choose a fencing system that is up to the job.  Taking into consideration all of the risk factors, health and safety regulations, people’s safety, time, and more. 

Hopefully, the points we’ve listed above will provide some food for thought when considering the types of security fencing you could invest in. 

If you have any further questions, or if you would like to find out more about security fencing for sale in Bradford, call the experts at Site Fencing today on 01274 833 396. 

Don’t put anyone’s safety at risk and make sure your event is at the top of its game – with security fencing in Bradford available to meet all of your fencing needs.

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