Chapter 8 Barriers that won’t hold up traffic!

Don't let your project hold up traffic - choose Plastic Chapter 8 BarriersWhen it comes to starting any traffic management project, road safety works, organising an outdoor event or managing large pedestrian situations; priority must be given to keeping the volume of anticipated traffic moving! 

That and providing safety to all, and being compliant with the regulations at all times, of course! 

Chapter 8 fencing is vital for safe pedestrian management in busy and crowded areas, such as any outdoor events, football matches, traffic management zones and more, making them suitable for a range of projects and all available to be customised depending on your requirements. 

The benefits of Chapter 8 Barriers are such that you will be able to carry out your project effectively and efficiently without it adversely affecting your teams and the general public. 

How Chapter 8 fencing will benefit your project 

Due to its flexibility in fitting and installation, Chapter 8 barriers… 

  • provide that temporary and short-term solution many companies look for, for their projects 
  • prevent the public from gaining access to restricted areas 
  • help support queuing systems 
  • are basic in design 
  • easy to assemble 
  • have great stacking capability, so very easy to transport and store 
  • And more! 

Chapter 8 systems are designed to offer you versatile barrier options, guiding people and traffic where you want them to go, safely. 

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Range of Chapter 8 Fencing 

There is a wide range of Chapter 8 fencing available and what you choose will depend on what it is being used for.  For example, the style of Chapter 8 fencing will vary between what is required at a football match, to what is needed to be placed around road works and excavations. 

Types of Chapter 8 barriers available include: 

  • Road barriers 
  • Champion, pre-assembled barriers 
  • Strong fencing 
  • Gate barriers 
  • Strong wall barriers 
  • Wonderwall fencing 
  • Vision Barriers 
  • Police crowd control barriers (also known as Met Barriers) 
  • Walkthrough fixed leg crowd control barriers 
  • And so much more 

Carrying out a complete review of your project, works or event will help you decide which fencing is right for you, that and speaking to the experts at Site Fencing! 

Providing solutions to temporary issues 

Chapter 8 pedestrian barriers are used in a wide range of environments by traffic management companies, civil engineers, building contractors, event organisers, and anyone who requires reliable, robust and flexible fencing.  

All designed to guard against potential dangers, some Chapter 8 fencing (plastic) is also manufactured from recycled plastic making it environmentally friendly, hardwearing and reusable. 

There is full guidance on different designs of Chapter 8 barriers which you can apply, which can be found in the Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8.  However, it’s important to note that every situation is different, and it is up to the company and management team in charge to adopt, adapt and develop, the right traffic management solutions to keep traffic moving and to suit the real-world conditions which you find yourself in. 

Chapter 8 Barriers: 

  • Provide reflective panels providing maximum visibility 
  • Offer maximum safety 
  • Keep traffic flowing as freely as possible 
  • Take up minimum road space (especially taking into consideration busy periods throughout the day, public transport needs, emergency services, etc.) 
  • Provide non-permanent fixings 
  • Offer link pin systems and plastic clip solutions 
  • Are stable in all environmental conditions 
  • Are completely stackable, offering ease of transport due to their lightweight design 

Chapter 8 pedestrian fencing should optimise work, safety, and efficiency while minimising traffic and road user congestion, delay, and inconvenience. 

Your aim should be to use such fencing systems to guide road users, and pedestrians safely past obstructions, form orderly queuing systems, and keep people out of restricted access zones, all in temporary situations. 

Industry Leading Experts 

Chapter 8 Barriers are something that we at Site Fencing specialise in.  With a range of systems on offer, we can provide you with great temporary solutions. 

We like to think we’re the go-to fencing provider for anyone who needs barriers for temporary road closures and visible construction and finish warning systems. 

All of our systems are also durable, robust and meet all UK standards. 

For your free, no-obligation quote, call Site Fencing today on 01274 883 396 and don’t let your project make traffic come to a halt. 

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