Different styles of Chapter 8 barriers

Chapter 8 barriers different stylesChapter 8 barriers are the main types of fencing used by highway engineers, road engineers, local authorities, and civil engineers. 

Designed to provide a barrier around construction sites and ongoing roadworks, Chapter 8 barriers are also referred to as pedestrian barriers, roadworks, or plastic barriers. 

Codes of practice surrounding the safety of street and road works must be abided by at all times. As such, Chapter 8 barriers play an important role. 

Ensuring the safety of both the general public and workforces, barrier 8 fencing allows you to continue working on all aspects of street and road works safely and securely. 

It’s important to note that all barriers must abide by British standards and legislation and European standards, including the appropriate signage to accompany the barriers, and offer the best crowd control solutions. 

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Types of Chapter 8 Barriers 

These recommended plastic barriers come in a range of different styles and from a variety of different brands. 

At Site Fencing, we work with some of the leading brands to provide our clients, compliant barriers at cost-effective prices. 

Some of the main types of Chapter 8 barriers include: 

Chapter 8 Frontier Barrier 

Manufactured and designed using high-density polyethylene, this barrier is moulded to offer fully reflective panels and flexible linking.  This type of fencing is simple to assemble, and these barriers also stack with ease, making them transportable and easily stored. What’s more, they can also be used on uneven terrain, withstand even the strongest of winds, and can come with anti-trip feet if required. Their red and white reflective stripe helps to make visibility easier even in poor light or adverse weather conditions, and they’re ready in a range of colours. Frontier barriers are currently the most popular Chapter 8 barrier system available. 

Chapter 8 Titan Barrier 

This type of barrier is metal-free and 100% recyclable. It is also manufactured from high-density polyethylene which is one-piece suction moulded.  They have full reflective panels and come with flexi-coupling clips so that barriers can connect easily. The feet on Titan barriers provide a brilliant and strong surface grip with their simple design, also allowing for easy stacking. These barriers are also extremely durable and robust, not suffering lightly from breaks, cracks, or splits, and also come in a range of colours. 

Chapter 8 Tuff Traffic Barrier 

Stylish, tough, and durable, the tuff temporary traffic barrier connects in a linear row using Q-clips. This type of barrier does take longer to connect than road barriers, but the Q-clip will ensure a much stronger connection between the barrier panels. This makes it much more challenging to separate the Tuff barriers making it a more effective safety system. With highly visible colours and additional reflective strips, these barriers are ideal for dark nights and poor weather conditions. 

Chapter 8 Road Barriers 

This type of barrier is most commonly used to direct the flow of traffic and keep pedestrians safe when next to road works or construction sites. Road barriers are the most prevalent barrier system for road management projects due to their easy to use hook and eye connection system, rotatable feet, and cost-effectiveness. 

Chapter 8 Water Filled Road Barriers 

These are heavy-duty barriers used to separate traffic and pedestrians. Also known as plastic water-filled barriers, these systems help to mark out roads and walkways. Filling these barriers with water to their capacity helps to create a sturdy line of defence that will stand firm even in the most adverse of weather conditions. 

Chapter 8 Wonder Wall Heavy Duty Traffic Barrier 

This Chapter 8 compliant barrier system is designed to separate civilians and members of your workforce from any potential hazards. This type of barrier meets even the toughest of standards, acting as a formidable barrier. Offering complete stability, Wonder Wall traffic barriers are robust yet lightweight, making them easily moved and repositioned when required. 

At Site Fencing, we provide a range of Chapter 8 barriers, all compliant with the codes of practice and considering all safety and security measures. 

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