Best fences for construction sites

Best fences for construction sitesChoosing the right fence to support your construction project relies on various factors, as well as your own specifications and requirements. 

As most fencing structures surrounding construction sites are temporary solutions, temporary construction fencing provides the ideal solution in keeping sites safe and secure until project completion. 

Ideally, you need a fencing structure that is strong, durable, and flexible. 

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Different types of fences available for construction sites. 

Heras Fencing 

This is the most popular type of fencing for construction sites. 

Heras construction fencing is exceptionally durable and flexible, allowing you to erect fences and dismantle them with ease. 

This type of security fencing also prevents people from walking across sites they’re not supposed to, and it is a fencing style that can be used again and again. 

Within this range, you can also opt for heavy-duty and anti-climb to again help increase safety and security. 

Mesh Panel Fencing 

This type of fencing offers a medium level of security and is the most popular option for sites due to its appearance. 

Available in a range of colours, this easy to assemble fence allows people to see into the site without compromising on security. 

Ultimately, this type of fencing is long-lasting, secure, and visually appealing. 


Hoarding, in wooden hoarding, in particular, is very cost-effective and is mainly used when you need to conceal vacant properties and construction sites. 

Hoarding comes with reinforced boards joined together by wooden posts and is an extremely sturdy option.  

Able to withstand a vast amount of pressure, making it extremely effective in protecting construction sites and deterring intruders. 

Metal Hoarding 

This type of construction fence is ideal when you need to secure your site for a long period.  

It is the more expensive option; however, it can be painted and customised to your liking, and you can add additional security measures such as a barbed wire. 

To offer a little more flexibility, metal hoarding can be fitted to timber or steel pots. 

Chain Link Panes 

An easy and quick option that helps you to manage crowd control and up your level of security. 

The panels are made out of chain links and can be installed in various configurations, depending on your requirements. 

Freestanding platforms are what helps to keep the fence in place, so there is no need for holes to be dug or drills to be used – making this type of fencing very popular. 

Durable and robust, this temporary fencing is made from heavy-duty frames, guaranteeing high quality. 

Chain Link Fences 

Chain link fences differ from chain link panes in terms of their installation. 

A chain-link fence is a roll of wire attached to poles that are dug into the ground for support. Chain link fences do, however, offer a little more protection compared to their panel counterparts. 

They also work for any construction site, commercial, residential, and industrial projects, and they’re preferred due to their price, availability, and durability. 

Windscreens can also be added to this type of fence to limit visibility further, hence reducing crime on sites. 

Wooden Fencing 

One of the more affordable types of fences on the market. Wooden fencing is typically used when security isn’t a major issue. 

Helping to create a solid, fixed feature and appearance, wooden fencing helps to act as a deterrent to opportunists while also preventing people from seeing into the site itself, so equipment, project progress, etc., can be kept out of plain sight. 

Different types of wooden fencing can also come in the form of different types of timber. 

Barricade Fencing 

Also used at festivals and parades, barricade fences help to block vehicles from entering construction sites. Protecting sites from vandalism and potential theft, these fences are strong and durable, providing an all-round effective solution. 

Protecting sites and construction workers from traffic-related accidents, especially in heavily-trafficked areas. 

Note: Barricade fencing is often used alongside other types of fencing. 

Factors to note when choosing the right fence for your construction project 

  • What type of work is being carried out on-site? 
  • What is the locality of the project? 
  • Are you abiding and aware of local regulations and guidelines? 
  • What are the rules around temporary fencing in the area? 

Note: Construction work carried out in residential areas is very different from that carried out commercially, and as such different rules and fencing will be required. 

Ultimately, you need to look for a fencing solution that protects your site at all times and protecting it in a variety of ways. 

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